Bag Tags

Bag Tags

Bag tags are a special kind of tag that is attached to all types of bags such as small ladies’ bags or travelling bags. The bag label can be attached for two main purposes: to indicate the owner of the bag carrier, as well as the brand, price, and other instructions to use the bags at the shop or retail shop.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers five types of tags: custom, rectangular, square, and round. We can print your tags in any colour depending on the quality of the bag and the marketing plan.

There are two types of bag tags that can be used to sell bags: one to display the price, the other to show the brand, country, make, safety instructions, and any decorations. Bag tags that identify the owner show the name, address, class, and school of the school bag, as well as the school bag’s type. The price tags are traditionally printed on thick cardboard using CMYK base colours.

Labels for brand promotion should be printed on high-quality cardboard (superfine, shiny white/multicoloured glazed or laminated), or thick PVC plastic. Images and text must be printed with good quality and a combination of full, bright, and sharp colours. Superfine, attractive, and strong materials are used to print school bags and ladies bags. They can be printed in a variety of colours and have good quality. Bag tags can be used for school children as well as some ladies bags.

These tags are printed cheaply but of high quality and sent to you free of charge in a specified time.

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