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If you are looking for some kind of labels which look similar to the aluminum then, the brushed aluminum labels are best for you. These labels are printed from regular material but, a special aluminum brush is used on the labels to give them an aluminum like look. These labels are printed from materials like paper or PVC plastic where a specifically made aluminum brush is rubbed on the labels in a specific pattern to get aluminum like texture. These labels are useful when you want to label your products in a unique way and also want the aluminum like textures.

The aluminum labels can be printed in shapes like round, rectangle, square and oval but, you can also have the labels printed in additional shapes like custom and die-cut. Custom allows you to have any kind of text printed while the die-cut allows your labels to be printed in unique shapes. The aluminum brushed labels can be printed in different colors in which the original aluminum is available. The wide variety of color printing is achieved by full-color option. You can have the aluminum labels embossed or stamped as well as add shine by using the gold or silver foiling.

All our labels are pre-glued on back which means you can start using the labels when you receive them. We offer printing services in cheap pricing without compromising the quality of the products. You can also have the ordered labels shipped to any location without paying extra.

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