Double Locked Wall Lid


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With a self-explanatory name, Double Locked Wall Lid boxes come with locks on both sides of the box that let you secure the item inside. It is very efficient as double locks keep in check that the product is not set free even if the box is used roughly. The flaps on both sides of the top panel bend down to get adjusted in the slits on flaps of the bottom panel. It holds the lid in place and makes it reliable to use. They are most commonly used by catering companies to carry their products around. Wabs Print has been stepping into the production of multiple types of products that are utilized by the general public. This way, we expand our pool of customers and touch every market niche. Our experienced and well-trained team members use their research and ideas to make these Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes more efficient and secure for utilization. We try to make significant changes in the product to keep making it better. This way our product stands out in the market.

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