Double Wall Frame Tray


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In case of having a packaging that is stronger in nature, yet elegant in style, Double Wall Frame Tray is the best choice. It’s a type of packaging box that is similar to any other related packaging but their structure is of different manufacturing. It has thick walls by having double layers attached to them, which gives it’s the name of a double wall. It has a separate top lid that slides into their defined slots, by which the locking of the package is more effective. And by its strong locking system at both top and front ultimately increases the safety of objects kept inside. By looking it from a top, it looks more like a secure room as they have equal gaps from every end. The base of the box is of a straight kind, as the packaging material on the bottom is glued together. This gives it a perfect finishing touch. And also gives it a robust expression. These boxes are perfect for slightly heavy products like cosmetics, food, clothes, or glass items, etc.

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