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Get to have perfect double wall tuck front boxes for the safety of your product. Moreover, we provide excellent designing and customizing services for your businesses to flourish. There are many names given to this boxing type; some call it the roll end tuck front box and some call it a double wall tuck front. Despite the names given to it, the functions of these encasements remain the same. The cherry lock feature in these boxes helps to present the products in unusual ways, and this encasement style is highly demanded in the market. Moreover, there is no form of glue or sticking material to fix this box. The only way to put it together is by joining in the top lid and other areas in cherry locks provided. The double-wall tucks are commonly used to ship heavy-duty material because of the safety that they provide. Other than the heavier items, these boxes are commonly used in retail food businesses like bakery and food takeaways.

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