Four/Six Panel CD/DVD Jacket


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Businesses often need customized designs of CD/DVD jackets to encase their custom printed CDs and informational material. Wabs Print provides different kinds of CD/DVD cases, including the four/Six panel CD/DVD jacket. These jackets are made from sturdy, eco-friendly paper stock that can be customized with printing and cutting according to your needs. The extra flaps enable you to store your extra CDs and booklets. You can also get die cut windows cut out on your CD Jacket. If you are looking for fully personalized CD jackets that are functional and attractive, Wabs Print is the company to go for.

Wabs Print offers free delivery on orders. Quick turnaround time means your order is processed at high speed and delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days. Our efficient staff gets in touch with you at the right moment to iron out any confusion. Once your order is clear for us, we proceed with zest and zeal to get done with it within the timeline. We make sure you enjoy the service you get.