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Whenever it comes to greet someone with a gift card, people choose a unique and delightful way to convey their gift through their packaging. gift card boxes are available at Wabs Print in all custom shapes and sizes. They can be printed and developed in absolute refined quality. Get your gift card envelops in pure coordination to your thoughts and vision. These boxes provide protective shields for your gift cards to save them from environmental and human damages.

Let’s create an excellent impact on your business by giving moving boxes in the corporate gift market at the lowest cost. We do hot stamping with any stock box shown on our website. Describe us a line art image of the business logo and we will print it on cardboard gift boxes. We use metallic colors films or matte colors to print logos and other information on gift card envelops. We have plenty of color hot stamping to provide you different designs and colors for your wedding gift card boxes.

Available in different styles, gift card boxes are a delightful way to give a finishing touch to your invitations and offerings to your loved ones. We offer you pop-up boxes made up of the recycled board, which are perfect for your gift packagings and to complement your brand. 2-piece gift card boxes are the classic cute mini boxes available in dozens of colors with high customization.

The interior of the boxes could be one of our stock interior colors and prints with To: From: and Amount: or it can be printed with anything you require.Our professional are 24/7 available for your consultancy. Stop worrying about your offering’s presentation; no matter it is given to you relatives, fellows, business colleagues or presented on retail shelves, we provide you with every packaging solution.

Wabs Print is the leading manufacturing company with the aim to facilitate you the best packaging services. Customer’s satisfaction is one of our core value. We always keep your wish as our command. Let’s work together to have a robust business approach in the market. Reach us at!