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Category: TAGS

Gift hang tags are very popular tags that are attached to any gift. Gift tags are used to identify the sender and include a message of love and affection, as well as a sentimental message. The specially selected material is used to print the message. It is printed in appropriate colours and carefully selected words.

Different types of messages can be sent to different people by different senders. These include love/spouses, parents who are loving, parents who care deeply for their children, parents on special occasions, friends who celebrate birthdays or wedlock anniversary, parents and friends of the graduation day, and friends of the engagement and marriage day. You can print the hanging tags in the same shape as the cards and add details and a message.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers five types of gift tags: round, square and rectangular. You can print the gift hang tags in any colour and size, or shape you choose.

Gift hang tags are typically printed on the special class of material, ranging from cardboard (specially made embossed/stamped, soft, hard, white, colored, multi-colored, shining, glowing, glazed, and laminated), UV coated material, clear/transparent/ thick/white/Vinyl/PVC plastic. The high-end tags can be printed on embossed/stamped material, while the special tags are printed on Gold/Silver foiled material.

Depending on the type of gift tag, the images and text printed with different colours will have different combinations. Printing gift tags for various occasions requires a rich, dense mixture of bright, shining, glowing, and vibrant colours. The printing of gift tags can be done in a variety of colours, including those with golden or silver colours.

No matter the weight or size of your consignment, the best quality printed tags will be sent to you at no cost.

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