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Kraft paper hang tags are the ones which are made from special type of paper material and have much high quality material than the regular paper materials. The kraft paper hang tags are printed from premium quality paper material where the material is obtained from top quality wood pulp. The pulp is chemically treated in a process called the kraft.

The kraft paper tags are printed in different shapes including the traditional ones like square, rectangle and circle ones. While the custom allows us to print any kind of text on the tags and the die-cut is useful when you want your tags to look unique in shape with your desired shapes.

You can also get all your tags printed with customized looks where you will be able to choose from options like emboss, stamp and foiling. The foiling is available in two colors where you can choose gold or silver.

All the tags printed by us have full-colors on them which means you can get any kind of shape or text printed in any color. Or, you may select to print a pattern of colors.

All the tags printed have the lowest possible rates and the shipping is also done to any address without charging any extra price.

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