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Some products are sold with the name of just logo hang tags attached with them. These logos are so strong and popular that they are a primary purpose of the sale of the product. Keeping in view the importance, popularity marketability of the logo, some marketers use just the logo to signify the brand or the name of the manufacturer. These logos hang tags are, typically, made and printed in the shape of the logo.

Wabs Print offers five different types and designs to print logo hang tags which are; round logo hang tags, custom logo hang tags, Die-Cut logo hang tags and square logo hang tags. We offer to print the log hang tags in any color, any shape and any size. The Die-Cut printing technique can be applied to cut the logo hang tag in the shape of logo.

The wide range of materials can be applied to print the logo hang tags, such as, cardboard (soft/hard, white, colored, multi-colored, shining, glowing, light/color-reflecting, glazed and laminated), UV coated material, clear/transparent/white/Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic or metal. Some logos of famous companies and brands are so popularly made with specific material. Special Die-Cut printing technique is used to cut the tags in the shape of logo.

The images and text are printed on the material with popular and/or required logo color. If no specific color is used for the printing of a logo, the good combination of colors, in coherent with the product marketing plan is used, such as, full, bright or eye-catching colors. Normally, the serious and mature CMYK basic colors are used to print the log hangs tags. Embossed and stamped printing is wide and extensively applied to print the logo hang tags.

After the printing of cheap yet of good quality hang tags, the shipment is made to you, free of cost, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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