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The name label is a very popular label on the market for children. It is not only popular among children of all ages, but also educators of junior schools, daycare centers, and playgroups. Labels printed with the names or photos of prominent students, the names and/or photographs of all students in the school, including the names & photos of position holder students, names & photos, photos of distinguishing heroes, icons, school symbols, and photos of certain players, photos of childhood heroes, etc.

The purpose of the naming tags for all students at childcare centers and playgroups may be to identify the owner of the bag or to make the student feel proud.

Wabs Print & Packaging has six different styles and designs of labels for naming. These include oval, rectangular square, round and Die-Cut. Labels can be printed in any colour and any size. Individual students can have their photos and name printed on the named labels.

The type of material that is used to print depends on the customer. It can include paper of any quality (superfine, shining or colored), soft/hard cardboard or UV coated material, clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic, and many other qualities. The durability and water resistance of the material used for printing name labels require special attention.

Images and text are also printed using a wide range of bright, shining, glowing, and eye-catching colours. This is the standard and norm for printing material for children’s markets. High-priced labels are also popular for their embossed and stamped material.

The consignment will be shipped free to any country after it has been printed with the best quality and cheap labels.

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