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Oval labels can be printed in any shape, including the size, color, and specific design. This label type offers a wide range of printing options for customers.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers six types of labels: round, squares, rectangular, ovals, Die-Cut, custom, and they can be printed with any colour. Customers are encouraged to have the labels printed according to the Marketing plan of their company.

For printing oval labels, the material offered to customers includes paper (superfine, colored/white), cardboard (soft-&-hard), UV coated material, and clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, or any foiled material. The material offered to the ordering company ranges from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The same applies to printing. You can choose from a wide range of colors depending on the product’s color, nature, and scent. The basic colors of CMYK are used to print simple labels and inexpensive labels.

You can print expensive labels that are high-priced by using the highest-quality embossing/stamping techniques. The labels can also be printed with additional variety.

You will find a lot of oval printed labels and stickers! You can choose a shape based on personal preference. Or you might need your printed labels and stickers to fit into a particular type of packaging.

Oval printed labels and oval stickers can be used to label jars, tea or coffee pots, bottles, or stick to packaging.

All printed labels we have in stock come in oval shapes. Our oval premium paper labels are available in several sizes, while our oval waterproof vinyl stickers are customizable to your specifications. To instantly get a price, simply enter your width in millimeters and your quantity on the product page.

No matter the weight or size of the consignment, the custom printed labels of the best quality are sent free to customers.

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