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Category: TAGS

The perfume hang tags will work well for aroma testers and stores. These tags are specifically made for perfume products. They can be printed in similar shapes and with different materials. You can print perfume tags in many different shapes. The custom one allows you to add any text to the tag. There are also different standard shapes, such as rectangle, square, and circle.

You can print perfume tag from paper, cardboard, and vinyl. The cardboard perfume tag is strong and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Vinyl material has both transparency and waterproofing properties.

Wabs Print & Packaging can print perfume tags in a variety of shapes, including traditional squares, circles, and rectangles. The custom option allows you to print any type of text on the tags, while die-cut tags allow you to have any shape you want.

Your tags can be personalized with options such as stamping, embossing, or foiling in gold and silver. Customers can also opt for UV coating, which provides extra protection against scratches by adding a thin transparent layer. Our tags are available in full colours, so you can have your favourite colours or images printed on them.

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