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Retro tags are printed in the pursuance of the derivative if imitative of the trends of the music, fashion, styles or attitudes of the past, typically, 15 – 50 years old. These tags are used for the products which are traditionally made in order to replicate the older products but in newer versions. Garments, musical instruments, new trends of older fashions and changed attitudes toward older attitudes.

Wabs Print offers five different styles and designs of the tags, which are; rectangular, square, circle, Die-Cut and custom tags. These tags can be printed in nay color, any shape and any size, depending upon your requirements of marketing plan and the marketing mix of the product.

The vast variety of the available material can be applied to print the tags. As the retro tags are printed and used with the products, just to give the impression of newer versions of traditional trends, the material used is, specifically, of the previous era type. Cardboard (thick, CMYK basic colored and rough nature), UV coated material, clear/transparent/thick/white Vinyl plastic and PVC plastic are used to print tags. Metal or metal foiled material is also widely used to give impression of durability and longevity.

Similarly, the images and text are printed in old fashioned colors which were popular in the past. But to give impression of the newer versions, a good combination of old and newer full, brighter, shining and glowing colors are widely applied. Embossing and stamping is also popular in some of the cases where the purpose is to give the impression of the gone days. Gold / Silver foiled material is also applied to print tags where jewelry or some older fashioned products are to be tagged.

The cheapest possible but good quality tags are shipped to you, free of cost, regardless of the size of the consignment.

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