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Marketers often require rounded tags to create an impression of roundness or to protect users from the corners of the label. These round tags are typically used for the products of the children’s target market. The rounded-edged tags are attached by the marketers, just for the sake of the marketing and to give the product a distinct touch. Some of the round tags are rounded corners while the others are rounded at the bottom or Die-Cut in any shape which may be tilted or twisted in any shape.

Why Round Swing tags?

Custom made swing tags designs can do more than tell the price of the item. Items like toys, sporting equipment, electronics goods, and anything you can place on a shelf or racks all can use hang tags. Hang tags have the power to carry your marketing message effortlessly.

Kraft swing tags are generally observed from a close distance, so they can also be used as a combination of a label and a business card. If you want your item to stand out, custom round tags are necessary. Elegant design custom hang tags are both beautifully pleasing and informative.

Wabs Print offers three different styles and designs of the rounded tags, which are; custom rounded tags, Die- rounded tags, and rounded hang tags. These tags can be printed in any colour combination, different size, or shape, depending upon your product requirement and marketing strategy.

A vast range of materials is available for the printing of the rounded tags, such as cardboard (thick, hard, white, coloured, multi-coloured, glazed, and laminated), UV coated material, clear/transparent/white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, or metal foiled material. The Die-Cut technique is applied, in most cases, to print the rounded tags.

A good and charming combination of the full, bright, vibrant, lively, glowing, shining, and eye-catching spectrum of colours are applied to print the rounded hang tags while in some of the cases, CMYK basic colours are also used. Embossing and stamping techniques are also used to give a distinct shape and style to the tags.

The cheapest possible but good-quality tags are shipped to you, free of cost, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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