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We have all used tissue papers in our lives. The most popular box to store them is the one that has a perforated top. Perforations are small, needle-sized holes made for users so that they could tear the lid or open that patch effortlessly. Typically the patch is designed in an elongated shape so that the tissues or other such materials in the confines of the Seal End with Perforated Top can be pulled out easily. It is a classic box that is in use for decades now. Its viability is not limited to one place or a group of people. From offices to homes, it is being employed everywhere since we all need tissues, do we not. Besides that, they are also being used to house toys, edibles, and wipes. They have a signature look that is identifiable whenever you look at them. You must have seen them placed on tables everywhere. Apart from providing utility, they also provide aesthetic appeal the way they are designed and printed. The perforated top gives them an opulent and luxurious look effortlessly. They are perfect for confining lightweight items.

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