Slop Top Reverse Tuck End


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As the name tells us, the end of this box can be tucked inside. The topmost part is a slope. This is a friction lock that is good for keeping the products safe and secure. The closure can be opened and closed whenever you want. Hence, Slope Top Reverse Tuck End is a flexible container for regular usage. Continuous usage is the biggest culprit for making containers go weary. But this slope top design is quite effective in the long run and does not get damaged easily. The slope ensures that your goods remain safe during transportation. We all know how troublesome transit could be for items in general and fragile materials in particular. If your packaging is not up to the task, the merchandise will be damaged very easily. This slope design is a great solution for that. Given its adaptability, it can be used for storing different items. From medicines to food items, you can keep everything inside them without any worry. If a container is protecting such delicate materials, it can protect almost anything from getting damaged.

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