Square Box with Ladder Top


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Need to give your bottles a fine look. Don’t worry square box with ladder top is the solution to your problem. The special shape of these containers let you present your brand exclusively and uniquely and also keeps your items safe. These packages have different flaps that are joined together to give them a square shape. And the elongated flaps on their top make a ladder-like a tall top. High-quality materials are used to make these boxes, and they are available at a wholesale price. As they are unusual in shape, so everyone doesn’t go for a change but if you want to choose for your company, a different and a unique thing, you should always go for something that makes you look different than the rest of the market. They can be used to keep different bottles, as they are elongated in shape. They can also be used to keep electric appliances, or they are best suited for fancy decoration pieces like stretched out flower vases etc. Their bottom is joined from the bottom by special lock flaps that do not let the items inside fall.

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