square clothing hang tag

Square Tags

Square tags are the tag that can be totally printed in square shape as per the requirement of the customer, such as, the size, color, printed material, or the specific design. This type of tags offers total customer choice printing options.

Wabs Print offers six different types and designs of the tags, such as round, square, rectangular, oval, Die-Cut, or custom and these tags can be printed in any shape, in any color, and in shape. Customers are encouraged to get the tags printed as per the Marketing plan of the company of the Marketing mix of the specific product.

The material, offered to the customer, for the printing of the tags ranges from paper (superfine, colored / white, glazed, thin & laminated), cardboard (soft & hard), UV coated material, clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, or any foiled material. The ordering company is offered material from cheap quality to the best and most expensive one.

In the same way, for the printing, the vast combinations of the colors. They are offered and the selection of the colors can be made from full, bright, vibrant, lively, and eye-catching colors, depending upon the color, nature, and fragrance of the product. CMYK basic colors are also used for the printing of simple and cheap tags.

High-priced and costly tags can be printed, employing the high-quality embossing /stamping techniques whereas further variety is created by printing the tags.

The cheap but the best quality printed custom tags are shipped, free, to the customers regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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