AdvisoryWant to achieve the best organizational performance and streamlines your objectives?

XB4 offers robust and reliable advisory services that are critical to business performance and help in the achievement of organizational objectives.

XB4 is an independent financial services firm specializing in the art of formulating tailored strategies to streamline your organizational objectives, internal performance, and overall productivity level. Our reliable advisory services help clients optimize their internal processes, and maximize their revenue growth by maximizing their productivity level. We ensure that every action is taken per the US GAAP reporting system.

Company Formation
It is all exciting and thrilling to become a business owner. However, there is a lot of research and commitment involved in making your business a success.
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Family Business and Succession Coaching
Family-owned businesses are not as simple as they might appear. You cannot just retire from your family business and go vacationing in Bali.
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Business Planning
The secret to success is a realistic strategy because it means managers and employees are on the same page and concentrate on the tasks at hand.
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CFO on Demand
Managing financial affairs may be a challenge for company owners, and recruiting a full-time CFO might be too difficult with the current economic downturns.
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Cash Flow Management
We will help you plan to maximize the overall cash balance and ensure that the company is positioned and stay solvent in accordance with the US GAAP standard.
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Feasibility Study
It helps to identify future issues and to assess if the proposal should be undertaken considering all significant considerations into account.
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Business valuation
Our qualified evaluators are accredited and have the skills and knowledge to measure and assess the assets’ true worth.
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Fair Value Calculation
Fair market value (FMV) is the price payable to a willing seller by a willing buyer of a given asset. It is based on the FMV assessment process.
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Restructuring is the process of reorganizing an organization's financial, regulatory, or other systems to achieve strategic goals.
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Merger and Acquisition
We enable our customers to decide if the merger and acquisition are the correct moves by partnering with our partner networks.
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Financial Statements Preparation
XB4 helps you keep track of your financial activities with the help of the modern US GAAP Reporting system.
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