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The barcode labels are those kinds of labels which have barcodes on them. These labels can be used to add barcode identification to your products. The barcoding labels are used by superstores, shops, malls and marts to labeling to their items. The barcode labels are used where you want to automate the identification process at checkout where the barcode printed on the label is scanned from specifically designed machine to read the barcodes.

Wabs Print offer different kinds of barcode label printing including the numeric-only, alpha-numeric and 2D codes. The barcodes on labels are printed according to international standards which means you can use them on any product and they will look exactly like other labels with barcodes. The barcode labels are usually printed from materials like paper, vinyl and PVC plastic. The paper barcodes are simplest looking and come in different colors while the vinyl and PVC labels provide waterproofing allowing you to have use them in wet places. The vinyl printed labels are also transparent in looks which means they will add beauty to your products while also providing barcodes.

The barcode printed labels can be printed in different standard shapes like round, rectangle, square and oval labels while the custom one can be used to have any kind of text printed. The die-cut labels are useful when you want to have your barcode labels printed in your desired unique shape. All our labels are pre-glued on back which means they are ready to be used and attached to the product.

We offer cheap priced barcode label printing enabling you to have your labels printed in premium quality without paying a lot. The ordered labels are also shipped free of cost to Nationwide.

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