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Clothing tags are those kinds of tags that are printed from a special kind of paper. These tags are used when you want to add details to your tags without making your products too much distinctive. The paper tags are printed from premium quality material where the paper is obtained from top-of-the-class manufacturers. The paper being used is chemically treated to ensure that the best quality is produced and there are no defects on the final produced paper.

Clothing tags are available for printing in different shapes including the square, circle, and rectangle which are the most commonly used shapes. You can also get your tags printed in custom which lets you add any kind of text or use the die-cut option which lets you print the tags in your desired shapes.

You can also choose to have your tags personalized by choosing from options like embossing and stamping which lets you add physical shape to the tags. You can also choose to add shine to your tags by getting them foiled in gold or silver. The UV coating is also available to add an extra layer of protection from scratches.

All tags are printed in full color which means you will be able to have them printed with any image or text.

You can also choose to have your tags shipped to your desired address anywhere in the World without paying extra charges.


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