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Popcorn Boxes


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There is a perfect pair of popcorns and movies. Wabs Print offers you the personalized popcorn boxes for the promotional tool of your most wanted product.

People of all ages love this nutritious and tasty product. Usually, they used to eat this light and easy to carry eatable while watching movies in the cinema or live sports matches in the stadium. We see many flavors of popcorns in the market. Each flavor can have a different theme, artwork, and color scheme for its packaging. Every company has almost the same taste of popcorns. So the unique packaging is a very impressive way to differentiate your brand from others. To serve this purpose, we offer you custom-printed popcorn containers in multiple shapes and sizes according to their flavors and demanded quantity.

Get personalized popcorn boxes along with handles and loops. Print the images of famous artists and celebrities of upcoming movies on the popcorn boxes. We are offering such easy-to-carry boxes at very affordable prices.

Get cardboard popcorn boxes with printed logos and enticing quotes that will leave an immense image of your product in the customer’s head. Thus, the beautifully prepared popcorn cups wholesale are the perfect pick for your delicious item.

Our popcorn bags are not only confined to movie cinemas but also in theatres, circuses, visiting places, and parks. Wabs Print is keen to provide you the desired custom popcorn buckets with the finest quality at very low prices that you would get nowhere.

We offer personalized popcorn boxes exactly according to your demands. You just need to enlist all the features and dimensions of the box such as length, width, colors, and depth, etc., and we will manufacture your boxes within the shortest turnaround time. We are here to transform your imaginations into reality. Our professional designers provide you the various designs at no cost. The innovative printing techniques deliver you a unique product.

Our quality check team assures you the error-free packaging services in a professional manner. We are always available to render our best packaging services. Freely reach us at


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