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  • What is an eyelets purpose?
  • An eyelet is a metal reinforcement offers a dual purpose when added to your swing tag.
  • The eyelet will offer increased strength and durability to a drill hole. Making the tag harder wearing by reducing the chances of the tag being ripped away from its product. If your tag will be frequently handled once attached then we would recommend a metal reinforced eyelet to add longevity.
  • Alternatively, for the ultimate, all-round performing tag, combine our waterproof material with a metal reinforced eyelet, perfect for all outdoor uses.
  • Adding a metal eyelet in place of a standard drill hole will enhance the look of any tag without a doubt. You will add value with the prestigious look it creates. Combine a complimentary design and material choice for an excellent effect.
  • What size is the eyelet hole?
  • You will be left with a 4.5mm hole after the eyelet is inserted.
  • Will the eyelet show on the front and back of the tag?
  • Yes, the eyelet ring will appear on both sides of the swing tag.
  • How close can the eyelet be to the edge of the swing tag?
  • We recommend a minimum of 3mm to give added strength. This will help prevent the material tearing and detaching from your product.

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