eyelets for tags


  • Eyelets can be made of metal, rubber, or plastic rings and are used to insert into holes in other materials. Eyelets can be used to strengthen the hole or shield from sharp edges. Eyelet, which are flanged metal rings that can be used to reinforce a hole in fabric and paper, are more specifically called eyelets.


    Wabs Print & Packaging offers a wide range of these increasingly popular craft products in various colours and shapes. This new generation of eyelets can be used for both decorative and practical purposes. Eyelet can be used for industrial purposes as well as clothing such as shoes, belts, and labels. You can use custom-made eyelets with:

    • electronics
    • industrial equipment
    • batteries
    • automotive parts
    • hand tools
    • various other applications

    These Eyelets are available in a range of colours and shapes from Wabs Print & Packaging.


    Although they are similar in appearance and function, eyelets have different functions from grommets. Grommets are stronger because they have a wider flange than eyelet holes. Eyelets can be made from metals such as aluminium or steel. Grommets have a less attractive and finished appearance, while eyelets are more appealing. Suppliers can offer different sizes and designs depending on customer requirements. The traditional brass- or nickel-finished eyelets have been replaced by lighter-weight aluminium craft eyelets. These are easy to set.

    Here are some FAQs about Eyelet

    • What are the purposes of eyelets?
    • A metal reinforcement, an eyelet can be added to your swing tag for a double purpose.
    • An eyelet is stronger and more durable than a drill hole. The eyelet makes the tag more durable and reduces the chance of it being removed from the product. We recommend a metal reinforced eyelet if your tag is likely to be used often once it has been attached.
    • For the ultimate outdoor performance tag, you can combine our waterproof material and a metal reinforced eyelet.
    • Any tag will look better if it has a metal eyelet instead of a regular drill hole. The prestigious appearance it creates will increase your value. For a stunning effect, combine a complimentary design with a material choice.
    • How big is the eyelet hole in this case?
    • After the eyelet has been inserted, you will have a hole of 4.5mm.
    • Is the eyelet visible on both the front and back sides of the tag?
    • Yes, the eyelet rings will appear on both the swing tag and the swing tag.


    • How close can an eyelet get to the edge of a swing tag?
    • To give your product more strength, we recommend that it be at least 3mm thick. This will prevent your product from tearing or separating.


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