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Booklets are one of the most popular promotion tools used by several companies to advertise their services and products. It is a kind of information documents which is usually printed in different colors. These may include leaflets, pamphlets, annual reports, catalogs, and lots more. Thus, while designing the booklet, few things need to be considered. Here are a few of them.

Appropriate Designing: One should always remember that while designing a booklet, the layout, and its design should be eye-catching and perfect. Since the booklet symbolizes the policies and other benefits of having the product or services related to the company, hence it should be properly planned.

Booklet Covers: Even the booklet covers speak a lot about the company. Hence, one needs to do proper research while selecting the photographs and images for the booklet cover. Preferable it should be related to the business products and services.

Make It Neat and Informative: While planning for booklets, try to make the things neat and quite informative so that the words could be stated clearly. Also, if possible try to mix match the bright and light colors with it.

Size: The size of these brochures is also one important which needs to discuss before implementing it.

Printing Quality: Booklets can only be effective if anyone should have quality print services for their booklet. This will enhance the look of the booklet and attract more and more customers to go through them.

Wabs Print over the past many years working in this field and has achieved great success with the quality of working and friendly assistance. Thus, if you are also planning to have quality flyers, then do go with our services. Our main aim is to deliver you quality printing at cheaper rates so that it does not leave any stress on our budget.

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During the holiday season, bookmarks printing is one of the main activities for the marketing of merchandise. Since the marketing thrust has become a very important factor in the promotional strategy, effective and attractive bookmark printing can help in achieving the results quickly.

Bookmarks are those elements that we have seen many times. Definitely, they can become a reader’s reliable friend, used over and over again for different types of books. As well as being valuable, they must also be beautiful, fun, and engaging. Mostly they should motivate people to need to use them for different purposes. These bookmarks are not only used as business cards: in my view, people who fill bookmarks with some information, special proposals, and text are making a mistake. Battle the offer to fill every last square inch of the bookmark!

The use of custom bookmarks is very effective in most stages of the sales campaign. The tiny printing material has a vast potential in creating a helpful effect on customers. You can achieve fantastic results in your business by using bookmarks in the promotional campaign, which supersedes other forms of printing materials in the category. For industry communication, these bookmarks are used as influent public relations. Hence, you can very well take advantage of the custom bookmark. Printing in all your promotional activities and marketing campaigns of products and services for the growth of the business.

Bookmarks have better value than other kinds of cards as they create a solid customer base for any business. It is a great tool for a marketing plan which is also readily accepted by customers. Hence, it is very important that it should be well designed so that it suits the occasion and draw the interest of the customers regarding the product. Moreover, the beauty of the bookmark also lies in its quality.

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Get You Custom Printing Brochures Today

Brochures play a very important role in the promotion of the products and services of the company. They are mainly used to provide additional information related to the business that also provides assistance to several marketing activities. Thus, if you are planning to create a brochure for the company, then there are several points which need to be considered. Here are a few of them:

Its Appearance:

It is true that a promotion brochure creates a compelling image of the company. Whatever the products or services you provide; it is the best way of answering all your company needs. Hence, it should be versatile. Besides the mode of distribution, make sure that the printing should be attractive and should gain the attention of the customers.

Addition of Images and Pictures:

While printing the brochures, don’t forget to add images and pictures as it helps in drawing the reader’s attention to read your brochure and makes it easier for the reader to go through its details. One can also add a logo to the brochures that will prove to be an additional advertisement for the company.

Quality of Paper:

The quality of papers also factors a lot as the right design will only be valued if it gets printed on the right quality of papers. Thus, choose the right paper that suits perfectly the design and colour of the brochures and try to make them as efficient as possible!!

These are three important factors which should be considered at the time of printing brochures. Make sure to have the right service provider for having quality brochures. With this initiative, Wabs Print offering quality printing services and assistance to help thousands of people who want to give their business a new hike.

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Business Cards

Custom Printed Business Cards

Having proficient business cards can help your business to portray your image and make you stand out from others in this competitive market. When you meet somebody, make the right impression and be sure that the people will remember you for a longer period of time which can be achieved through business cards.

Most of the business cards consist of basic contact information that has a lower chance to attract prospects and clients to your business but here we have few basic tips that can give your business a new edge. Here are a few of them:

Basic Tips

Place your name appropriately so that it becomes easy for the reader.

Place your title so that it can feature the job title.

Add your business name in the business cards telling about the several prospects.

Don’t forget to add your mailing address as it is really important to stay in touch directly with the customers.

Place your business email address and try to obtain a professional look.

One can also add up their contact no and their fax number if required.

Even if you are running a small business, don’t forget to add your logo mark to the business cards.

If possible, try to add a tagline of your business or the key message. Then business card that will help your business to stand out from others.

Thus, these are the few basic points that if noticed and applied at the time of business cards, can definitely help your business. Besides it, the quality and the paper of printing also matters a lot. Hence, it is important to have the services from a genuine and reliable service provider who could deliver the result before the deadline. Wabs Print is one of them that meets your need within time. We have a team of experts with proven strategies that will attract more clients to your business and double your profit.

We are offering different sizes of printing cards like 90mm x 50mm, 90mm x 90mm, 90mm x 25mm of various colours which include 4/0: Full-Color Front, Blank Back, 4/1: Full-Color Front, Black Back, 4/4: Full-Color Front, Full Color Back so that it can meet all your needs and requirements. One can place the quantity right from 100 to 15000 or more. We can assure you that we will deliver you superior products and high-quality services. We provide the best quality printing and free shipping all across World.

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Calendars have always been played a great role in the social, cultural, occupational, and religious lives of people. People these days are now creating calendars to suit their requirements and can also be created at an affordable rate. It is also possible these days to have personal snapshots, logo texts, quotes, and lots more. Even they can also serve as yearly gifts, interesting fundraisers, and promotional purposes for business owners.

In this competitive market, several business owners spend many hours discovering the best way of marketing their businesses. But as we all know that most of the time they forget to draw the advantages of having calendars for their business. They don’t realize how this little piece of paper can do if they are being handled in an appropriate manner.

One of the biggest reasons why several business owners should go for printed calendars because they are can be made within a limited budget but their benefits can be attained for a longer time period. Most of the time people used to spend thousands of dollars for marketing their products or services. But they always forget about these useful strategies that really would provide them huge benefits in a limited amount. The only thing requires is to go for a reliable and genuine service provider who could simplify the whole task and brings the fruitful result.

One of the leading online printing service providers, Wabs Print brings exclusive services towards quality calendars printing services. We are the only stop where you can fulfill all your printing needs at reliable rates. Every moment we try to bring some innovative and attractive designs which you were still searching for!!

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Custom Bags

When it comes to organizing which advertising material you’ll print for your business, it’s important to make a strategy that considers when they can be used. You want to attract an audience with practical promotional products like personalized cotton bags that you’ll be happy to combine with your company’s brand logo. Items like custom handle bags Die -Cut bags, shopping bags, PVC bags & Digital custom printed bags should be included in your range of business stationery due to their reusability, which can be the first step to highlighting your business values, and also help to grow your business.

The main goal is to design creative graphics and artwork that can be combined with your business’s information to entice prospects to use your promotional cotton bags over competitors which are available in the market. When all the things are done right, cotton bag printing ticks all the boxes for strategic marketing management since it turns a popular product that will be welcomed into a walking advertisement that will be reused many times. A good example is offering printed bags to consumers at trade shows. This will give them a hands-free way to easily collect a range of service information and giveaway products during the event and have one of your branded custom printed bags to continue using afterwards. Using branded merchandise in this manner can help identify and gain new leads, new clients, and build new commercial partnerships to grow your network and professional expertise, and provide help to stand out in the market.

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A flyer can prove to be a very effective sales support tool if they are being utilized properly for the business purpose. Business owners looking for hundreds or even thousands of new customers can invest in flyers for a great return and increase their percentage of interested customers. However, blindly printing hundreds of flyers would not generate enough sales quickly and that would also not justify the large expense. Your flyer will be effective and support sales if it is done in an effective manner.

The main purpose of your business flyer is to get your prospective customer so that one could take a specific and desired action. Similar to the other sales and marketing efforts, your intention with the flyer is to help your target audience by recognizing that they have a problem and they need an answer and show them how your service will be able to solve their problem effectively. Since you will be handing your flyer to a limited number of recipients, thus your production costs can be kept very low and you can easily target your genuine customers.

To target the specific audience, the task which you need to do is to hire a printing service provider for your flyer printing. Wabs Print, the leading online printing service provider offering flyer printing services, and work the way you like. We are offering all sizes of leaflets printing in different types of materials gloss text, gloss cover, matt text, and matt cover. One can also order in bulk, we are there to provide you the quality results before the deadline.

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Fold Leaflets

You may have noticed that fold leaflets are more popular than ever. This classic print has been around for quite some time now and it looks like not going anywhere! Although many of the advertising is ‘going digital’ now, many working within corporate marketing understand the smartest approach to promotional campaigns that helps both online and offline channels. For this reason, the question remains; why accurate leaflets folding is so important in an ever-changing printing landscape.

The several ranges of size choices mean that they can be efficiently distributed. Whether it be A6, A4, or 1/3 A3, there are many sizes available when it comes to folding leaflets. This makes them ideal for various methods of distribution, especially if they’re intended to be brochures or advertising menus. For example, the DL size fits easily into a standard envelope, which is a bonus for anyone opting for regular direct mail campaigns. Sizes like A5 and DL are also handy as brochures as they can be tucked neatly into prospect pockets. Furthermore, any one of these compact sizes can fit unobtrusively in magazines, catalogues. This also applies to business premises like bars, travel agents, and clubs where they can be kept in view so your details, offers, and instructions receive more publicity and connect with more and more audiences or clients.

This is one of the reasons why fold leaflet printing has remained a staple when it comes to marketing material. They’re extremely versatile and can be used for multiple contexts, whether that be wedding invitations, festivals, gig advertisements, or your company’s brochure. This has only been strengthened by the ability to upload a flyer’s one or double-sided PDF artwork to the websites of online printers for seamless ordering. This can land you with a variety of high-quality folded or unfolded leaflets, which is now essentially synonymous with a cheap fold leaflet and can be downloaded and produced at a later date.

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3 Benefits of Business Folders for Branding Of Your Business

Tight budgets tempt the business owner to cut down the expenses. But the unremitting cutting of costs confines what companies can accomplish–sometimes even the stunting revenues. One of the best ways to keep your budgets in control is to have a quality resource without compromising the quality. In today’s world of marketing, it is the presentation folders.

A folder comes in all sizes and across industries. These are the organizational and marketing tools that are deceivingly subtle. Let’s look into the importance of having an attractive and personalized folder in business:

Functional:  One of the most effective and hardest things about marketing is getting your brand, message, and name in front of prospective partners and as well as customers. Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on branding and advertising their products or services with little guarantee. Unlike the ads, presentation folders can be used every day so that they can also stay in a distant memory among others.

Versatile: With strategic planning, these folders can be designed that will express a lot about your company’s culture and differentiates it from competitors. With a perfect combination of colours and using both texts and graphics, one can express the company in a more stylish way.

Customizable: Folders can be used in a variety of ways and for many events including board meetings, sales meetings, industry conferences, and lots more. No matter what is the occasion, business folders are the best way to spotlight your brand and place it in front of many for everyday use.

Wabs Print, a well-renowned name in the printing industry also providing attractive folders to give your business a new look. We understand your needs and hence we are delivering folders of different sizes like 15.5CM x 22.8CM, A4 Size Folder, Legal Size Folder, and tri-panel folders. We are ready to accept your bulk quality request and commit to delivering you the order within a limited time frame.

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Custom Printed Greaseproof Sheets

Greaseproof sheets offer a particularly versatile and economical way of wrapping or transporting a good range of foods and other items. Whether it’s sandwiches, soap, cheese, baked goods, or cold meats, our greaseproof sheets offer an attractive presentation.

Our greaseproof paper sheets are:

  • Low minimum order quantities of 1000 sheets
  • Free of any origination costs
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from 100% paper pulp

Perfect order quantities for smaller businesses

The overwhelming majority of our competitors only deal in larger order quantities for chains and substantial businesses. Here at Wabs Print and Packaging, we look after smaller companies; the independents, the start-ups, and the cottage industries. We assist you to save on the value of storage and reduce the danger of over-ordering.

Printed greaseproof paper options

Our greaseproof paper is entirely natural, made from 100% paper pulp. Printed greaseproof sheets ensure a product that helps your food look attractive and environmentally friendly. Choose from various enticing “off the shelf” designs that are stylish and crowd-pleasing, available in custom sizes for various market sectors. We stock the real paper, ideal for wrapping oily and fatty foods, traditionally utilized in fish and chip shops. We even have a variety of paper used for cornish pasties, pastry slices, burgers, or sandwich wraps for busy takeaway outlets. These include street food, a cafe, fish and chips, a bakery, and many more.

Alternatively, make the most of your brand with custom-printed greaseproof sheets. Branding your products will help you differentiate your offering from the competition, increase your company exposure, and helping you to gain customer loyalty.

Uses of Brown Greaseproof Paper

These sheets are made from unbleached paper that then has a protective barrier added to help repel grease. It is non-porous, ensuring that grease doesn’t leak through to the opposite side. It is, therefore, ideal for lining pans and trays where grease is probably going to make, as an example, in grills where bacon is cooked. Also allows the grease to be trapped within the grease paper rather than passing through to the opposite side. It acts not only as an effective trap but also saves on elbow grease as the cleaning of pans and trays is made much simpler.

How to order

If ordering “custom” printed greaseproof sheets, email us with your details, including sheet size, logo/design, and quantity required. We need this information then we will provide a speedy quotation. You can email us at

Greeting & Invitation Cards

Greeting & Invitation Cards of Premium Quality

Greeting &  invitation cards can be a valid alternative to a leaflet or brochure to advertise the different events, concerts, and commercial initiatives of various kinds. Greeting & Invitation Card are also ideal tools for circulating information to the public or sending out invitations.  Such as private events, parties, weddings, and openings.

Whether it is to mark the birth of a baby, and want to wish someone luck in a new job or simply to tell someone how much you care or love greeting & invitation cards are the perfect choice for celebrating life’s special events. Created by our talented artists and designers, our amazing collection of greeting and invitation cards will deliver your message in a unique style.

Invitation cards consider more marketing tools and suitable for conveying amazing creativity. Rather than others: in the graphic design, the layout, and the text of greeting cards. With an original design of your greeting cards, the message of your communication will be stronger.

The excellent quality of the online greeting & invitation card printing is guaranteed by Wabs Print ensuring the best support of your creativity and the effectiveness of your message. They can be used on numerous occasions such as advertising cards, postal and non-postal ones, or Party invitation cards.

The procedure for sending orders is extremely simple. Simply choose the desired format. The orientation of the graphic design (vertical or horizontal), and specify the postcard printing options (same front and back or different, front only).

You can also choose the type of paper. These include matt coated, gloss coated, or deluxe and the weight (up to 350 gsm) for printing your invitation cards. Finally, you can also customize the lamination (glossy/matt/front/back) depending on your needs.

The minimum number of personalized invitations that can be ordered online is 100 pieces. This is ideal for event postcard invitations.

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Letter Heads

Advantages of Investing In Letter Heads for Business Purpose

Personalized Letter Heads are employed by many organizations these days to give their business correspondence a stylish touch. A personalized business Letter Head will give your business a professional look. When a name is placed in the header of the contact area, it reflects an impression that there lies a huge team behind you.

Importance of Letterheads

It is a fact that if any clients see that a business has stylish business Letter Heads; they will definitely assume that the products and quality which they offer must also be of high quality. Thus, it will help to grab the attention of the clients and also increase the confidence of the customers in your products and services. In short, it is not too much wrong to say that business letter heads can also act as a great and reliable way of marketing for large and small-sized businesses.

However, there are many online printing industries that claim to bring the right services but WABS  PRINT could be the perfect stop for you. We provide unique letter heads while maintaining high-quality standards so that your business could stand out from others. Sizes which we are offering include A4 and Legal Size of different materials and colours without compromising with the quality level.

Besides letter head printing, we are also offering a wide range of online printing services for all your business and personal needs.

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Table Tents

Table Tents: A Most Prominent Tool to Promote Your Business

A company or any business usually spends a lot of time and money on the branding of its products and services. However, if you are entering into new businesses and want to create your framework and presence among your customers, then it is really very beneficial to promote with table tents to keep ahead of the sport.

In recent years, techniques have taken a great progressive turn and come up with some bright concepts for marketing. Table Tents Printing is one of the kinds of creative thought that has caught the company’s difficulty and help any businesses to reach out to rushy crowds.

Table tents are little cards that can be placed on many tables. One of the best apart of table tents is that it does not require the extra effort of marketing. Once it is placed on the table, it can serve the purpose of marketing for different people at a time. Normally, they are placed at the tables of cafes, restaurants, and various other departmental stores. It is really impossible to ignore as it would be glazing right with the deal. This is really one of the best advertising techniques and works with great perfection in almost all kinds of services.

Wabs Print, a well-recognized name in the printing industry fully understands the concept of table tent printing and brings exclusive services that will help your business to grab the attention of the customers. Exclusively for table tents in all standard and custom sizes. We always bring you quality products so that your brand could be positively recognized in the market.

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Do you ever think about what a person can do with ticket printing? Well, we know that the possibilities are endless! One can give their event an extra-professional look while having perfect tickets. One can make the community theatre look and feel like a Broadway extravaganza with the help of an amazing event printing. So, with the help of a perfect event ticket, one can market their materials in a professional manner.

When you are looking to give orders for event tickets, then make sure to make it extra exciting and more glamorous. In earlier days, people used to go with such a boring traditional invitation but with the latest trends, even the business owners are now looking for some kind of more thrilling and exciting printing tickets. Even the marketing opportunities with event tickets are also endless. On the back of the event card, one can promote the brand of its products and services. Thus, in short, it can be said that event tickets branding can be easily done even on a tight budget.

The only task for the owner is to select the right service provider who could make the whole task successful. Wabs Print is a leading name in the field of the printing industry offering quality printing services to give businesses a new edge of growth. We are offering various ranges of event tickets with special effects and great finishing so that you could able to promote your events and business in an effective way. We also accept the orders in bulk and try to deliver the order as soon as possible without compromising the quality level.

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