Outdoor Sidewalk Stickers

Outdoor Sidewalk Stickers

Floor Graphics: Greet your Visitors in Public

Don’t let unusual surfaces hamper your important messages. Outdoor Sidewalk stickers have been specially designed to stick to asphalt, bricks pavement concrete, tile, and concrete. A new anti-skid coating gives excellent performance even in wet conditions. Your custom floor decals are durable and can be used in any area with pedestrian traffic. Concrete floor graphics and concrete decals can be used to greet customers and visitors in public spaces. They are suitable for sidewalks as well as asphalt and paved surfaces. You can also use our custom-made Outdoor Sidewalk Stickers to promote sidewalk sales, festivals, or sporting events. With branded floor decals for concrete, you can help your guests navigate around outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Floor Graphics Reliable and Durable

Genius Floor Wrap All of our laminate floors options are slip-resistant and built to last. It is a common question to ask how long our outdoor floor stickers will stick to the surface. Genius Floor wrap can last for about 3-6 months outdoors and up to 6-8 months indoors depending on how it’s installed. The length of a quality installation depends on how the installer applies it. It is important to make sure that all sides have been properly adhered to and/or conformed with the texture in order to prevent moisture from compromising its adhesive. You can park your vehicle on them to display it, but you should not allow traffic. To avoid damage to graphics, it’s important not to make sharp turns. When the vehicle’s in motion, it is best to do subtle turns.

If you want your concrete floor to last a long time, make sure that there are no places where moisture could get under the adhesive. This can reduce the amount of time that the concrete floor decals will stick to your surface. The most common situation is when water or snow can seep under, such as deep grout. Genius Floor Wrap is somewhat flexible with a heat gun and can be pushed into the grout for some moisture removal.

Simply select the graphics you wish to use and we’ll make your custom floor sticker a reality. Concrete Floor Decals (Genius Floor Wraps) are able to stick to asphalt, concrete, concrete columns, and walls. The outdoor durability of pedestrian traffic areas is between three and six months. Seal concrete with these outdoor vinyl stickers is not recommended.


Removable Textured Tile Vinyl

When used indoors or outdoors, it is recommended for short-term to mid-term use. This type is printed directly onto a textured surface. They may get worn or dirty over time. These removable Outdoor Sidewalk Stickers work great for quick and easy floor signage or pop-up events.

Every Step of the Way With You

No matter what level you are in outdoor and sidewalk flooring graphics, we’re confident we can help. We can assist you in choosing colours, sizes, shapes, or even combine ideas to get the results you want. We pay attention to the colour choices we make. We understand the importance of your graphics being visible for the long term. That is why our custom floor decals are so proud to be able to help you shine. We take pride in what we do. Our goal is to help you choose the right options for the business. Sticker Genius allows you to tell us all about your vision. We will then choose the appropriate sizes and shapes to match it. No matter if you need us to help with advertising or viral marketing, our team is here to help. Your custom floor decals do not have to be placed underfoot. Use decals to brand the tabletops that match the ones on your floors. Maximize advertising area on tables with minimal clutter and minimum mess. You can use vinyl floor stickers in restaurants and bars, hotels, and retail shops with tabletop spaces.

We are always available to help new clients. We want to make applying graphics easy so that you can get the results you desire. If you’re in need of indoor graphics, check out our indoor vinyl floor decals with removable adhesive!


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