Classic Fold Over Tags

Fold Over Tags

The classic folds over tags or Header cards are used to provide detailed info about the product to which they are tagged. The first page of this folded tag can be used to display the brand, name, or simple introductory details while on the second fold, further details, such as instructions to use, safety instructions, ingredients, stuff details, and so on can be printed. These classic folds over tags are used for the products, about whom; some details are required to be given to the purchaser/user. The typical example of the products, which are tagged with classic fold-over packaging labels are; garments of high price / good quality, some home appliances, some domestic products of daily usage, and so on.

Get different designs of the classic fold over tags are; square, rectangular, round, custom, and Die-Cut which can be printed in any colour, any size, and any shape – depending upon the marketing plan of the company. As the classic fold-over labels represent the super nice nature of the target market, so sober styles and designs are preferred.

The usage of the material for printing depends on the nature of the product for which the tags are being printed. Normally, the paper (superfine, shining white/coloured, glazed, or laminated) or the cardboard is applied for printing but for some of the tags, the UV coated material or the clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic is also used for printing the fold-over tags. Embossed/stamped material is liked, globally for printing fold-over tags while the foiled material, especially the Gold / Silver foiled materials are also applied, widely, where the product is of exceptionally high value and price.

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