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Static Window Clings


No adhesive is required for our custom Static Window Clings. You can choose from clear or white backing and have the option of printing on the back or front of your custom cling. We can print the perfect static stickers for your business with full-colour printing and excellent service.

Get to know more About CLINGS

Static Clings can be made from flexible vinyl. Static Clings stick to glass surfaces by using the moisture in the air to adhere. This is different from stickers or adhesives. The vinyl material’s “cling” ability will last for up to a year or more depending on how it is used. These are best for indoor use as the weather can affect the product’s electric cling. Static Clings can be used for branding and product promotion. This product is also used to renew annual memberships. These memberships are a great way to show your support for non-profits and business sectors. Static clings can be customized because there are only a few material options.

Wabs Print can help you create window clings. Wabs Print can make window clings of any size or shape. We also have full-colour printing capabilities that allow you to express your creativity.

Window clings made from the strongest vinyl are coated with a glossy coat that will enhance your image and make them easy to read.

You have come to the right place if you want the highest quality static window clings printed at your doorstep. These window clings can be printed in any size or shape you require by calling us at the number given. You can also send an email to us or chat live with one of our CSRs. Don’t wait and place your order today to have them delivered right to your doorstep within the given deadline.

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