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Unique Chocolate Packaging Boxes

Chocolate, A mouth-water product. No person in this world doesn’t like chocolate items. People of every age, especially children and adults, are fond of eating yummy chocolate. Chocolate comes in different colours as they might be dark or light and milky white and in different tastes enriched with dry fruits and raisins that improve the flavour and attraction with chocolate box. It Gets more desirable when it comes in Custom chocolate boxes. When it comes to chocolate box packaging it should be verified that chocolate doesn’t loss its volume and keep the temperature to maintain it’s the original form.

Chocolate is related to the symbol of love, care, passion, sweetness, and happiness. Almost people of all ages, especially adults and children, love this dark sweet. People serve it as a festive gift for their loved ones with elegant custom Chocolate boxes. Chocolate is loved generally and revered for food. Therefore, this is one of the most esteemed gifts. We offer you the premium quality of unique chocolate packaging box design in attractive designs crafted with lovely colours and perfect glaze.

A Premium Chocolate Boxes manufacture

Wabs Print & Packaging is the UK’s premier custom packaging box manufacturer and wholesaler for chocolate packaging box design. Our wide range variety of wrapping box is suitable for both retail or publicity use. As a professional, we offer premium quality food packaging. However, adorable wrapping is our specialty. These packaging boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. You can freely plan and draft your boxes according to your requirements.

We have been dealing with the market as suppliers, retailers, and producers for achieving the best market results, especially we deeply understand the basic needs of your product items. Our design containers keeping in view modern fashion and trends. To provide a special cardboard diabetic chocolate box with classic designs and specifications to deliver you more quality and variety for different flavours of chocolate. If you want to display your product correctly at highly cost-effective amounts, then Wabs Print is the best place for you. We have the experience to deliver perfection in our various custom boxes.

Excellent Status for Customer Service

Our character for excellent customer service is based on a keenness to working untiringly to make the design process or purchasing packaging easy whereas valuing our esteemed customer. This promise is matched by a capacity to supply items from standard within one working day of order for UK clients with free shipping and 5-7 working days for Europe. It has facilitated many clients to grow without requiring to carry high levels of stock.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers a collection of custom chocolate containers held on the ledge, ready for next-day delivery.

Expertise in Unique Chocolate Packaging

We keenly know about the box packing very well – both in terms of stock items and modified manufacturing also make the product more attractive on shelve and racks for display – this has facilitated us to grow both packaging and a supply system that offer supreme quality, worth and in short times.

Packaging for Every Season or Occasion

We offer a vast range of elementary and versatile packing and continuously add advanced and imaginative designs throughout the year to balance the tradition and to exist. In addition, we offer to package designed especially for the season within confectionery and gifting like Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding, Easter & Christmas.

You can also provide all the specifications to our professional designers. We will manufacture the same product as you imagined for your chocolate gift baskets. We promise you to offers the best price, timely delivery with premium quality regarding your chocolate boxes.

Versatile Gift Boxes and Retail Packaging

Wabs Print & Packaging offer the multipurpose packing and can be used to package product such as gift purpose, cupcakes, chocolate candies, retailer wrapping to display on shelve and racks, and other food products. For special events like Valentine’s day, birthdays,s and weddings, the heart-shaped small chocolate gift box may deliver for instance.

The Christmas small chocolate gift box with the images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, red and green colours are also provided.

Printed Custom chocolate boxes

Chocolate packaging containers can be printed with your brand name and logos. Chocolate box packaging must be printed with the manufacturing and expiry date information. The flavour of chocolate is essential to be published also. The quantity, nutritional facts, or weight must be printed. Some products that need printing include signs such as Halal and Kosher, which relate to Muslims and Jews, respectively, which helps whether the products are safe or not for them according to their religion.

Chocolate boxes the UK can print with the details regarding the ingredients contain nutritional statistics & etc. If the chocolate is healthy and has ordinary ingredients write this fact visibly on the wrapping box to encourage people to purchase the product. With the written ingredient’s customers will know whether the products are good or not for them. Any health warnings issue such as diabetic problem must be noted, diabetes patient. These details make customer’s attention towards these chocolates as they know precisely before ordering what they are purchasing and they will not feel guilty about their choice.

Chocolate box can also print even promotional details stated. So comprise those points that will make people attracted toward the products to buy them.

Eco-friendly Boxes

These boxes offer eco-friendly behavior, produced with ecological, biodegradable material known as Eco-Friendly boxes. The people who love nature and the green environment used this ideal box to save the earth’s atmosphere. Eco-friendly boxes are highly suitable for Foody items and highly recommend and appreciated by FSC (Food Safety Consortium. Eco-friendly box life is about 3 to 6 months and is often an expensive item as of standard boxes. These customs recycle packages are best to pack your small and large products perfectly. The material used for recycling boxes provides strength and gives an eye-catching look to grab consumers’ concentration.

Design Custom chocolate boxes

You can your chocolate box with creative artwork on the box which must be made gorgeously and exclusively so that they attract a buyer. Our simple, Cheap chocolate boxes can stand out on shelve or racks. Personalized chocolate box packaging for kids’ chocolates will draw the eyes of individuals if they are cheerful and have animation characters. On Events Like Valentine’s Day, Halloween party, Christmas, etc Unique wrapping designs can be created for brands.

Why choose Wabs Print

Wabs Print is a well-known brand of packaging in the UK. Wabs Print & Packaging offers chocolate box wrapping very attractively and enhances the fascination & glamour. If you want to present your product in a well-mannered way at highly cost-effective prices, Wabs Print is the best place for you. We have enough experience to deliver perfection in our assorted high-quality boxes.
Wabs Print & Packaging also offers If you buy chocolate boxes in bulk quantities, you can take advantage of packages and save money. This is because bulk quantities are often cheaper to get.

We feel proud to manufacture and design such chocolate containers, which results from professional skill and diligence. Our team of professionals manufactures your product packaging with the same commitments and distinct designs as you writhed. It will make your product prominent on retail shelves. Contact us at!