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Polyester Labels

We have a wide range of polyester label to choose from and are the UK’s most trusted supplier and manufacturer of custom-made polyester labelsPolyester labels are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use as well as use on cosmetics and consumable products. Choose from our extensive selection of polyester labels or order custom labels using our label service. We can make polyester labels to any size and shape you require.

High-quality labels made of durable polyester material are available in blank or preprinted with your product information, logo, and barcode. Our labels are made from the highest quality materials and printed to extremely high standards. You can be sure that your polyester tags will last a long time and look great no matter what application they are used.

We also offer different premium quality polyester label and custom printed polyester tags at a cheap price. Your labels can be ordered in many sizes, shapes, or adhesives to meet your specific needs. We offer a professional and speedy custom label service that ensures all our customers get high-quality, affordable custom labels that meet their needs.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers low-cost printing services that do not compromise the quality of the materials and designs. We offer free shipping to all orders, no matter how large or small, to any address in order to keep our rates low.

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