Blank Header Cards for Packaging

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Enhance Your Business with Printed Header Cards

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of promoting your business then nothing would be better than header card packaging. As we all know that packaging is crucial for promoting your products and brand.

Then the best thing is to promote it with all the simplest and super attractive ways in which the header card is the one. Here are some of the facts that make you realize how important blank header cards are for packaging for promoting your business and products.

  • Offers a premium quality of your products
  • Highly affordable construction
  • You do not need any machine for packaging
  • You can speed up the packaging process
  • It is the ideal packaging for little quantities of products
  • Can be conveniently prototyped
  • It allows self or manual packaging
  • These are the most affordable packaging and product promoting options

Header cards are directly attached to the products, and it has no added or hidden charges in it. You can do it with packaging and you do not need any other box packaging for this purpose as the header caps will automatically define everything about your product. You can add all the essential information about your product to it. It would be best to mention your brand’s logo and tagline on if you want to use blank header cards for packaging.

Benefits of Header Card Packaging on Your Business

Here are some of the major advantages of header cards that will not only boost your products but it will also boost your brand’s name and existence. You will surely get benefits in your business and product selling rate. Read the below-mentioned benefits carefully so that you can make a perfect decision for your brand wisely.

Lightweight Construction

The fold-over packaging labels are lightest in weight as they are barely a plastic sheet printed with your brand and product name with some overwhelming features. They are easiest to carry and specifically used in grand industries that offer a bulk of products. As it comes with your product then there is no weight of it all of the weight will be of your product.

Safe transport

Due to the construction, lightweight, and lightest construction the header cards are safest and easiest to transport from one place to another. You can travel these cards to any place safely without any damage, breakage, or drain-outs.

No external packaging

These header cards do not require any external packaging as it comes with all the necessary information and packaging styles that anyone needs for the promotion of their products. You can design it in any way, shape, colour, and design hence you do not need to work exceptionally on the external packaging.


The packaging cards are phenomenally affordable and reliable to use for every kind of business holder. Because you do not need any external packaging and this packaging is made with a product where you can do customization according to your choice. You can add the product name, brand name, tagline, appealing colours, and designs.

Available in all sizes and shapes

There are no boundaries for sizes while selecting the perfect header card packaging for your product. You can choose any innovative shape and design according to your product so that you can promote the product and brand. But it would be best to choose the packaging size according to your product’s shape and size.


Do not forget your atmosphere while promoting your product. Because if you are good to your atmosphere then your products will also stand out in the market. The header cards are made of premium-quality, eco-friendly, and reusable material to ensure that the atmosphere is safe and you are contributing your part in it.

Easy to label

The header cards are easiest to label because you do not need any external energy or pricing to do this. You can simply do this with the glue and attach it to your product. It will save your money and make your product look super attractive as well.

Swift printing

The swift smooth printing will make this packaging even more attractive and compelling to the customer. Your potential customer will get attracted to your products after using this type of simple but elegant printing with lots of vibrant colours that can become the centre of attraction.

Types of Header Cards Packaging

Header card is not of one type for your business or personal. There are various types of header cards that you can use in your packaging to stand out for your products. Let’s elaborate on all of them precisely for better understanding. This will help you in selecting the right card for promoting your business.

Clamshell Inserts

Clamshell packaging was introduced in 1980 where there was not a huge concept of packaging. This was only done for promoting and protecting your products from theft. Although the custom inserts that we are optimizing these days are different and somehow costly as compared to other packaging ideas.

Hanging Cartons

It is hung on the sales point of sale shelf where you keep your products. So that your customers can easily find your products even if they are far away. It is not that expensive but customizing it will cost you a bit.

Blister Cards

Blister cards or can be called as blister packaging is mainly done for medicines as there should be something that can protect medicines. The Blister packaging is one form of display packaging as well. It is highly affordable and safe for everything you want to keep in it. It perfectly portrays your product.

Hang Cards

Header cards are already discussed above in detail but to know it in a clear way you can say that this is the best and most affordable way of promoting your products and brands without paying the extra cost of customized Header card packaging. Everyone with any business size can opt for this packaging style and enjoy it.

Here are some of the best and most used types of header card packaging and we have elaborated all of them perfectly so that you can conveniently make a decision about which one is perfect for your business.

Customized Header cards great services by Wabs Print

Facing difficulty in deciding design for your custom Header Card? Struggling to find any perfect platform for printed or customized your blank header cards for packaging. Wabs Print and Packaging is here to welcome you. Our high-quality aesthetic skills and design services will surely amaze you.

You can customize your blank header cards for packaging by printing them in unique shapes and custom designs with various sizes along with colours or even gold and silver Die-cut from Wabs print. Just tell us about the requirements of the product packaging. You are desire so that we can make a free sample for you and amuse you with our passionate skills.

Where Should I Get Customize Header Cards in the UK

If you are looking for a company that can customize your products and brand to promote them then you have come to the right place. We are Wabs print with phenomenal abilities to make all your custom packaging dreams come true. We believe in implementing ideas in reality. Although  Wabs Print and Packaging always comes with numerous packaging and printing designs.

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