Fold Leaflets

You may have noticed that fold leaflets are more popular than ever. This classic print has been around for quite some time now and it looks like not going anywhere! Although many of the advertising is ‘going digital’ now, many working within corporate marketing understand the smartest approach to promotional campaigns that helps both online and offline channels. For this reason, the question remains; why accurate leaflets folding is so important in an ever-changing printing landscape.

The several ranges of size choices mean that they can be efficiently distributed. Whether it be A6, A4, or 1/3 A3, there are many sizes available when it comes to folding leaflets. This makes them ideal for various methods of distribution, especially if they’re intended to be brochures or advertising menus. For example, the DL size fits easily into a standard envelope, which is a bonus for anyone opting for regular direct mail campaigns. Sizes like A5 and DL are also handy as brochures as they can be tucked neatly into prospect pockets. Furthermore, any one of these compact sizes can fit unobtrusively in magazines, catalogues. This also applies to business premises like bars, travel agents, and clubs where they can be kept in view so your details, offers, and instructions receive more publicity and connect with more and more audiences or clients.

This is one of the reasons why fold leaflet printing has remained a staple when it comes to marketing material. They’re extremely versatile and can be used for multiple contexts, whether that be wedding invitations, festivals, gig advertisements, or your company’s brochure. This has only been strengthened by the ability to upload a flyer’s one or double-sided PDF artwork to the websites of online printers for seamless ordering. This can land you with a variety of high-quality folded or unfolded leaflets, which is now essentially synonymous with a cheap fold leaflet and can be downloaded and produced at a later date.

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