Gold/Silver Mirror Sticker

Gold/Silver mirror sticker to peel off the transparent protective film will display a clear mirror effect, can be used in bedroom, dressing room, or as decorations, with reflection effect of the glass mirror surface. They are in no danger of breaking and causing injury.

These Gold/Silver Mirror Sticker are 0.2 mm in thickness. Lightweight and durable. The back has glue on it. Just peel off white protective films, then stick them to smooth surfaces, such as tiles, walls, doors, windows, closets. Very sticky, cannot fall off easily.

Can be used as interior decoration, beautification, mirror reflection effect make the interior space more spacious; Replace glass mirrors to use in bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc.

High-quality, the gold foil is used to make mirror letters stickers. Gold mirror stickers can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, dormitories, and other places. This wall mirror is made from high-quality, waterproof gold foil material. It’s easy to clean and durable.

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Plastic mirror tiles are made of premium PVC material with a smooth surface.

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Golden/Silver Hologram Sticker

Custom Golden/Silver Hologram Sticker

We offer a range of affordable Golden/Silver Hologram stickers. These can be customized with your company name, logo, and consecutive serial numbers. Holographic stickers are available in every size and shape.

With our striking hologram stickers in Golden/Silver, you have a wide range of creative options. The bold, electric colors and beautiful designs set the stage for some truly spectacular style. These stickers have a unique quality that complements your products and packaging in a very appealing way. They are commonly used on ID cards and retail goods for brand authenticity.

Security labels also known as golden/silver hologram stickers are highly effective in preventing fraud and theft on many items. These labels are impervious to tampering.

You can personalize hologram stickers or labels in gold/silver with a unique print. If not noted, holograms are impervious to tampering. The image will self-destruct if it is attempted to remove or reposition the label from the product/document. This security feature is also included.

This highly decorative film creates a mosaic-holographic effect. Only available in the removable adhesive. Wabs Print & Packaging recommends that you apply to flat, smooth surfaces. It is not recommended for use with low-energy surfaces. These Golden/Silver Hologram stickers or labels are printed with high-quality PMS & CMYK using eco-solvent inks that offer a level UV and scratch resistance.

Polyester labels are made with a selective release that leaves a pattern of honeycomb/VOID.

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Sparkle Hologram

What is a Sparkle Hologram?

Sparkle Hologram stickers are self-adhesive labels that attach to packaging materials. It is attractive and has anti-counterfeiting features. Holographic labels can be used to enhance your packaging and protect brands and products. It is very difficult to counterfeit because it requires professional technicians and advanced dot-matrix machines.

Our holographic stickers, which have a sparkle effect, can be used to enhance your sticker designs. Digitally printed on heavyweight gloss vinyl with UV stable, weatherproof Inks. Can be cut to any shape you wish.
Our holographic stickers come with a protective film that protects them.

All Sparkle Hologram destructible label face shows hologram light like a rainbow. Without any hologram patterns, you could custom any printing design on it. These hologram papers are with strong adhesive and can only remove after thousands of times. Can be cut to your desired shape with regular household scissors or a vinyl plotter/cutter. Sparkle Hologram stickers are Perfect for crafting, card making, scrapbooking, etc. The sparkle effect is very hard to photograph!

To promote and protect brand products, holographic stickers are often applied to them. You can add custom information to enhance anti-fake protection. This will make it almost impossible for counterfeiters to use Sparkle Hologram without the master system.

This shiny and glittery material will make your designs shine. The overlaminate protects the printed layer and gives it great durability. sparkle stickers are suitable for many applications and have a medium-strength adhesive. It can be used outdoors for up to one year.

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