Brushed Aluminum Labels

Brushed Aluminum Labels

These brushed aluminum labels will look like aluminum. These labels can be printed using any material. However, an aluminum brush will be used for a more aluminum-like appearance. These labels can be printed with paper or PVC plastic. A specially designed aluminum brush is used for rubbing the labels in a specific pattern to achieve an aluminum-like texture. These labels are useful for those who need to label products in an unusual manner and desire aluminum-like textures.

Aluminum labels can be printed in many shapes including rectangular, square and square. You can also choose from custom or die-cut labels. You can print any type or text with the custom option, while die-cut allows you to have your labels printed in unusual shapes. Aluminum brushed labels are also available in different colours. Full-colour printing is possible in a variety of colours. Full-colour printing allows you to embosse or stamp aluminum labels or add shine by gold or silver foiling.

Labels are pre-glued on the back to allow you to use them right away. Our products are printed at a very low price without compromising on quality. No additional cost can be charged for shipping labels to your address.

Brushed Aluminum Stickers can be printed in full color using white ink on a 1 mil thick metalized outdoor polyester film with a 2+ year outdoor life. The outdoor laminate is 2 mil vinyl to protect the print against scratches, UV rays, and general wear and tear. White is printed seamlessly underneath any color to make your artwork stand out. Whites are bright and vibrant and the other colors are printed as-designed, rather than being incorporated into the material. Our brushed aluminum stickers can be used outdoors or indoors. They are weatherproof, waterproof and water-resistant.

This brushed metal sticker material will give your custom stickers a metallic, shiny look. For outdoor use, laminated to withstand the elements. This silver-brushed aluminum can be printed white or your yellows will turn to gold for a gold foil effect. To keep colors opaque, you can choose which colors you want to make metallic or have white printed behind your design.

  • High-quality metalized PET film with permanent adhesive
  • Full color print + white
  • PET laminate with UV screening for protection from the sun and weather
  • Outdoor life for 2-4 years
  • PVC-free product

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