Archive Boxes

Archive boxes serve their best to give a proper look to your messy workplace or disorganized office. They are a handy solution to categorize your valuable files. Wabs Print offers you the Archive boxes at very economical prices. These boxes are very purposeful for both your office and home storage usage.

We are the leading packaging company by serving hundreds of customers for short and commercial runs. Our professionals give their best to make your product stand out of the crowd. You can use these archive boxes for paperwork and general use items.

This archive box packaging is an extraordinary answer for all storing reasons and sparing reasons. They are accessible in various sizes so clients can pick the one which they need. We are providing you with the large cardboard archive boxes in various shades, colour schemes, shapes, and designs. We also have many exciting options for you to decore these boxes. This is all done by using our imaginative thoughts just to provide you with the unique box packaging.

Our professionals make it very smooth for you to develop your own archive box by providing different design options to its customers. They deal with all the manufacturing processes in a great manner as well as provide designs that are directly suitable for our customer’s product. you can discuss the design with our experts to avoid any issues.

You are freely allowed to make any changes in the formation of your archive packaging boxes. We guarantee you to make all the amendments with excellence and perfection. Our materials include inks, colours, cardboard etc. Moreover, we use biodegradable material to give you a durable and good quality product. Not only such material will make our environment green but also would not harm the items inside.

We have a proper quality check team, they are responsible for checking every manufacturing step and material used to prepare the box. Also, they have a proper check and balance upon the printing process to make sure it is done in a fabulous way. Let’s work together at!

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Book Boxes

A very famous quotation is “ book is a person’s best friend”. A book is the most cherished asset of a person. Book lovers are very sensitive in caring for their books. They always try to keep their books organized and maintain their cherished look. So it requires a lot of time and space as well. So they usually look around for some convenient ways to store their beloved books in an appropriate way. Although the book reading trend is coming slowly in the new age still the orthodox book reading habit prolongs and looks exciting.

Wabs Print offers you custom book boxes designed for the purpose of both making the bookshelves organized and also protecting the books for a long time. The custom book subscription boxes are designed in different shapes, sizes and printing designs that make labelling them easier and also separate with different colours on the book or retail shelves. Custom book boxes wholesales are made with fine processed cardboard or paperboard and also with amazing decorative options.

Get your comic book boxes with many cartoon images printed on them. We guarantee their unmatched protective abilities that would not deteriorate with time and will keep the books safe and perfect as new for years. The talented printing and designing team promises you outstanding designing and printing in the highest quality and endless colour combinations for book storage containers in order to organize your books in an efficient way.

Wabs Print offers the market-leading wholesale book boxes to our valued customers that are most unique among the entire competitive market and at very cheap prices. Our shipping book boxes have the major purpose of protecting the books during shipping and enable them to maintain their condition for a much longer time period. These boxes are prepared along with virtual air locked outer shells that protect the books from dust or other harmful elements and also keep them safe by weatherproofing to a great extent. Keep your books out of water or any other dangerous liquids by packing them in our book storage boxes.

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Candle Boxes

Buy Custom Candle Packaging Boxes!

For custom packaging candle boxes wholesale in the UK, manufacturers usually use the traditional box with three main divisions. The first is the horizontal base with a foundation colour that’s white or black. Afterwards, the cap is nearly always a white plastic cap that can help shield the wax. Wabs Print for Wholesale candle packaging is Well known in the UK, to buy custom printed candle packaging boxes of the finest quality.

Then, the very best part that’s typically created from cardboard and has several pockets in which you can put the wax and the other substances can be placed. I create the bottom section of cardboard and have one purse. Finally, there’s the candlewick opening, which is usually made of solid and elastic substances.

It creates these custom printed candle boxes of various materials, including paper, wood, plastic, and much more. The substance that is used depends upon the size and shape of the candle box. If it’s a little box, then we might make it from paper or cardboard. But when the package is too big for one candle, they would make it of wood.

Custom candle folding boxes are ordinarily employed by company owners or other people who have a specific need. Firms may also make their own. Custom Candle Boxes wholesale in the UK may have many themes contingent upon the business logo or even a particular picture representing the provider. This custom box may raise the total visibility and hope of an organization in the area industry.

Buy Custom Printed Candle Boxes

The custom printed candle boxes are ideal for any business. I may use it for wedding favours, office Christmas or anniversary gift boxes, promotional, corporate gifts, advertising, sales, and gifts for particular events. A custom box is your perfect means of giving your clients a tiny token of love and appreciation.

So, if you have an organization searching for an inexpensive yet sensible custom box, it’s highly recommended that you contemplate custom printed candle boxes wholesale in the UK. It is reasonably priced and readily available.

Various businesses are offering this service for the company. You may go online and look at the samples available. It might help if you are searching for one that’s been made chiefly for your small business. Make sure the box is big enough to hold over only one candle.

You will have a far greater prospect of making it ideal. You can even use the very same materials which were used for creating the very first box.

Another tip that you can follow is to make sure that the box’s design is as near to your business as you can. For instance, if you are making it for your small business, you might want it to resemble a photograph of your organization or logo. When it’s to your company, you may require it to possess the title of your business. Ensure that the box may hold all of the candles required on your order. It’s also wise to ensure that the package isn’t too large or too small for your order you’ve got for it.

Unique and Distinct

There are tons of designs that you can select from, and you need to guarantee the custom box you choose is unique and distinct from the rest of the boxes on the market. It needs to be eye-catching, tasteful, and professional-looking. A box isn’t merely a box — it’s something that could use daily.

The very best thing about these candle boxes is that they can be found in various sizes, shapes, and sizes. You may use them for several events and not just for particular circumstances. They can make excellent gifts and permit you to spread the word about your company to your customers.

Candles have become a significant part of our regular lives. Besides, they are a fad now. In various forms and textures, used on different occasions or talented to the nearest ones, candles deliver joy.

The overall perception is that when a product appears good from the outside, then it has to be good on the inside. What if your candle not only looked and smelled good from the retail candle packaging box but had a luxury look that generated brand loyalty?

Now, that’s something you should not sleep on.

Let us have a peek at how wholesale candle packaging and candle labels can update your brand and produce an unforgettable first impression.

What Kind of candle packaging boxes to buy if I use them?

If you are looking to pack, present, and make that scent stand out, we indeed have the best packaging. Let us take a peek at the different types of candles and what candle boxes seem better.

Votive Candle

When thinking of votive candle packaging boxes, labels would be the go-to option. However, you can stick out on the shelf by doing things a little bit differently.

If you’re looking for an easy packaging option, you can pack your votive candles in a blank box. Then, customize the package with a custom label, and you’re taking a massive leap in front of your competitors.

It is also possible to bring the marketing of your goods to another level using a custom printed box.

Taper Candle

When you think of taper candles, you don’t associate them with luxury or high quality. Typically, nothing except the colour or scent makes them stand out. And that is where you can improve on items for your taper candles.

Consequently, this enables them to inform the consumer what they stand for. The candles are handmade, using natural ingredients (beeswax), sustainable, or so the natural kraft paperboard is a perfect option.

Perhaps your primary focus is to offer delicate sensory adventures to your candle lovers. Customers use aromatherapy candles for relaxing bathrooms, yoga sessions, or anxiety relief.

Make sure that they get the maximum of the unique fragrance by maintaining your candles nicely packaged. Please select the box that meets your style, customize it, and allow them to crave more.

Decorative Candles

Decorative candles are little pieces of artwork that decorate houses and workspaces. So that your customers love and want them to get their original design, they’ll either want to purchase your candles for themselves or provide them as a gift.

Ensure you choose a suitable candle packaging box that guarantees the integrity of the product. A sturdy box or without an insert to keep the candle from moving can perform the job. Plus, don’t forget to customize it like a reflection of what is inside, and you’re going to boost brand awareness.

Tealight Candles

The originality of tealight candles is limitless. They come in all sorts of colours, scents, shapes, and containers. Despite this, the most common type of packaging for tealights is that dull shrink-wrap.

Your tealights may make a difference on the shelf. You may select from a simple white or kraft paperboard box into a customized, with a nice cutout or screen window. Apply a label or a suggestive sleeve, and it is done. Your candle pack is already remarkable.

Creativity matters

A creatively structured quality printed candle boxes serve as a dazzling gift box also. These candle packagings are unique in texture and structure. Wholesale candle packaging is not just redone to protect and support the delicacy of the candle inside but also from the front they improve the perfection and style of your item.

Complete Process of Manufacturing Candle Packaging Boxes

The Candle packaging box has to go through various steps to become a perfect source of beautifully showcasing your products. Here is the step-wise process of its manufacturing.

  • Die-cutting
  • Glueing
  • Perforating
  • Inserting

Die-cut box

Die-cutting is the most convenient way of cutting the boxes in your desired shape after moulding the cardboard or kraft board in a box shape. It gives a thick layer over these bases to make them even stronger. After passing through this step you can mould the boards in any shape.


The glueing procedure will join all the ends to give it a perfect shape of a box. It ensures that the box becomes non-collapsible. Although we will deliver these custom boxes after passing them through our testing process, you can also test them by putting the heaviest product.


Now, it’s time to shape the boards in a way your customers asked for bypassing the boards through the perforation process. It is the shape-developing process where you get the desired shape of the box. We make sure to provide you with the best cardboard wholesale Candle packaging box as it will make your products appealing in the end.


In this step, we make sure that your product will not fall and steadily stand in its place no matter how harshly someone thrashes it. We mainly do two different types of insertions that are as follows:

Punch Insertions

A perfect way of stabilizing your products and letting them stand easily. It is useful for lipsticks, chocolates, pens, candies, medicines, etc.

Fence Insertions

The process separates every product into a single box. but due to overheating they could melt and stick together in such circumstances. Fence insertion will help you in keeping candles separately to avoid melting.

These custom candle boxes are accessible in all shapes and sizes, adding a windowpane to the container that empowers the buyers to look upon the magnificence of the item inside. Candle containers can be customized according to your demands, such as UV coatings, lamination, Abrasion guards can also be applied.

Why Choose Wabs Print and Packaging to Buy Wholesale Candle Packaging boxes?

Wabs Print is a very experienced team of super-equipped people striving hard to make every type of custom candle boxes, such as led candles, flameless candles, pillar candles, and battery candles. We make every box, keeping in mind the specifications for each type of candle product.

We deliver specially designed custom printed candle boxes wholesale in the UK made from flexible and yet refined processed materials that can keep candles safe & sound and also provides them with a fascinating look. A vast array of designs and colour combinations is available for our valuable customers. Our experience in the packaging industry with strong manufacturing and distribution channels has enabled us to provide the best wholesale rates to our customers. Get your bulk orders at very economical prices and with excellent quality to maximize your profit.

Our company offers you wholesale candle packaging boxes both for single candle packaging and multiple candle packaging as well. As per our Customer’s desire, we fix a transparent window on the front side that catches the buyer’s eye at the beautiful designs of the candles inside. We are 24/7 available to satisfy your requirements in the most effective ways.

You can also design your special candle gift boxes for gifting purposes, such as birthday candles and wedding candles. We’ll keep the colours and printing precisely according to the Customer’s requirements. This all is being done under one roof with the shortest turnaround time at Wabs Print and packaging.

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Customized Printed CBD Packaging Boxes for your Products

CBD oil boxes offer a variety of first-hand and best quality CBD oil box packaging including custom CBD boxes that can be customized in any way to live up to the ideas of the customers. We deliver what is best as we pay full attention to product box manufacturing and create a wide range of series of CBD packaging boxes for the customer to see their brand to the next level. We work hard for the end product for sharing positive views towards the custom printed CBD printed boxes and also into the packaging industry.

When it is needed to have a contrast of company product packaging from the competitors in the market then the use of beautiful, elegant, and custom printed CBD boxes is the right choice. In custom printing, customers are given the option to display their company logos, product formula, and business names over their printed boxes.

Custom CBD oil boxes right use is essential and very important to highlight the brand in the market. This highlight can be done by custom printing logos and different printing styles of boxes.

CBD-Boxes help clients in choosing the style and different options of designs along with the printing of boxes as per their needs and specifications. We produce boxes that are unique and are a great deal for wholesale orders. CBD-Boxes manufactures products with a captivating style and design of boxes with a wide range of coating options like matt, gloss, UV, or any other. We also provide various printing methods in custom CBD packaging boxes like CMYK or PMS printing.

We provide various sizes and shapes in packaging boxes to fit in the CBD products. Our various designs include window cut boxes. Foiling, embossed boxes, side window display boxes, PVC packaging boxes, slider boxes, flip boxes, and many more. Display boxes are very good for the deep view along with window cuts. For royal looks, gold and silver foil boxes are the best. If the customer wants to focus on their brand logo then embossing boxes are of great value.

Our mission is to provide the best and quality solutions to packaging issues and we always strive to achieve our mission. CBD- boxes provide budget-friendly packing solutions to their customers for their needs. We believe in the timely delivery of products thus we work hard to meet the deadlines. We provide customer CBD packaging subscriptions without a single compromise on quality.


Cigarette Boxes

Regardless of how much the government endeavours to stop people from devouring tobacco and forbid smoking, cigarette utilization among individuals of any age keeps on rising in volume and number. Consistently new cigarette brands are originating in the market. One of the major appeals of these new brands is their packaging. Cigarette Boxes are now very customizable. They come in with various style varieties and printing choices. Foil coats, embossing, metallic labels are new attractions in the packaging options of this product.

Cigarette Boxes do a complete job of both ensuring the protection of the delicate cigarettes and also making the packaging look alluring to the smokers that at last influences their decisions of purchasing them. These Custom Cigarette Boxes are developed from fine material and thin cardboard that is coupled with foil paper that makes an airtight seal around the cigarettes filled with tobacco in them and prolongs their shelf life.  The other extraordinary quality these custom cigarette boxes have is great quality printing and appealing designs that attracts smokers to purchase your product.

Wabs Print is an expert in the industry of custom packaging boxes for numerous kinds of products. Building upon the legacy, we offer you great specialities in the production of custom cigarette boxes. We manufacture high-quality cigarette boxes for single packet packaging and multiple packet packaging as well. Adjust your cigarette box size according to your cigarette product size.

Cigarette manufacturers always look for the best wholesale cigarette boxes that don’t minimize their profit ratio. We are the leading industry in providing every type of packaging boxes with unique styles and designs. Our superior and well-managed manufacturing and distribution channels allow us to provide top-level wholesale offers that aim to maximize our client’s profits in the best way possible.

Our experts use very fine quality cardboard that is thin and light and also perfect enough to help you to protect the real taste of the product inside the box. We promise you the outstanding sales boom of your product in the market by offering our quality packaging services. our highly skilled is always available to catch you up at!

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Custom Boxes

In the retail industry, the packaging is equally important as your product itself. Every new start-up business requires attractive, descriptive and suitably designed custom boxes packaging to create a brand image in their customer’s perceptions and ongoing brands. Such businesses utilize custom packaging boxes to organize, present and market their products to their customers in an efficient way. The custom packaging is suitably designed with creative art processing, printing and cutting die equipment. High-quality material along with a variety of colours and sizes are applied on these custom boxes to deliver a perfect product to our esteemed clients.

Wabs Print delivering custom box for every type of product. custom printed boxes are available with die-cut window panes including inner box and tray partitions, soft protective inserts or reliable locks and hooks. Our skilled designers cater to all the customer requirements in packaging sizes, shapes, and material selections to construct a durable product box.

We offer you the great quality of custom cardboard boxes with a logo or any other business information printed on the boxes. Use shipping boxes wholesale for shipping purposes. These boxes are made up of sturdy materials to maintain the original shape and quality of your product inside. We use eco-friendly materials in making shipping boxes to prevent your offerings from any environmental damages.

We use good quality CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) colour model in the formation of printed box. Such printed technique not only delivers custom packaging but also gives special colour combinations including metallic gold, silver or many others. Spot colours in different choices are also available to make your custom box look attractive. Choose our blemishing gradient and bleed solid colour choices for different types of packaging.

Wabs Print & Packaging is privileged to deliver durable and long-lasting custom boxes packaging services to a huge number of customers in this competitive market. We take your wish as our command throughout the manufacturing process. We use the finest type of cardboard, durable corrugated and nature-friendly Kraft materials to give an elegant look to your product on retail shelves. Catch us out at!

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Diffuser boxes

Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes

Diffusers are a popular way to add essential oils to your environment, and they’re also a great way to make your home smell great. They come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular type is the reed diffuser. This article will show you how to make your reed diffuser boxes using inexpensive materials you likely have to lie around your house.


Wabs Print and Packaging is Your Most Trusted Packaging Partner

If you’re looking for a custom Reed Diffuser Box, look no further than Wabs Print and Packaging! We can customize any Reed Diffuser Box to fit your needs and desires. Plus, our packaging is trusted by many businesses and consumers worldwide. Contact us today to get started!


Add an Extra Tinge of Uniqueness to Your Reed Diffuser Boxes

Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes: If you’re looking for a little extra uniqueness in your diffuser boxes, there are a few options available. Each option provides a unique way to personalize your diffuser box and make it yours.

One option is to add your text or images to the outside of the diffuser box. This is a great way to create a unique gift for someone special or add some extra personality to your diffuser box collection. You can also paint or stain your diffuser box in different colours or styles. This gives your diffuser box an extra level of personalized flair.

If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, you can choose to add a custom reed diffuser box design to your order. These designs are created using digital files and can be customized in any way. This allows you to create a truly unique diffuser box and one-of-a-kind. Whether you want a traditional design or something more whimsical, there will be a design that fits your needs!


We print your packaging with perfection to make it an ambassador of your brand.

We have perfected the art of printing packaging and know that your product needs to be showcased in the best possible light. We take pride in our printing process, which allows us to produce high-quality and durable products that will represent your brand perfectly.

We offer a variety of diffuser boxes, perfect for any product! Whether you’re looking for a small box to house a single scent or a large box to diffuse multiple scents, we’ve got you covered. We also offer customization options so that you can create the perfect diffuser box for your product.

Contact us today to learn more about our diffuser boxes and how we can help promote your brand!


Keep your fragrance emitting products protected!

Like most people, you probably don’t think much about how your fragrance emitting products are treated until something goes wrong. The fragrance is powerful stuff, and if it’s not properly contained, it can be dangerous – not just to yourself but also to those around you. That’sThat’s why it’s important to keep your diffusers and other fragrancing products safe by using custom reed boxes.

When buying a fragrance diffuser, the box is usually fine for short-term use. However, over time the oils in your fragrance will build upon the box’s surface, which can create a dangerous fire hazard. Not to mention, this type of damage is difficult and often time-consuming to repair. A custom reed box from a qualified diffuser maker will solve these problems.

First and foremost, a custom reed box will keep your fragrance from building upon the box’s surface. This means that your diffuser will last longer, and there won’t be any danger of a fire hazard. Second, a custom reed box is designed specifically for your particular scent – meaning that there are no gaps or openings where oils could seep out.


Why Choose Wabs Print and Packaging

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of extra elegance to your home while also keeping your diffuser organized, then a custom reed diffuser box could be the solution for you. They are beautiful to look at, but they also make a great addition to any room. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why choosing Wabs Print and Packaging for your custom reed diffuser boxes is a good decision.

First and foremost, Wabs Print and Packaging offers high-quality prints that will impress. Our diffuser boxes are made from high-quality papers printed with delicate detail, so you can be confident that the finished product will look great. Our team of experts is skilled in designing custom boxes that perfectly fit your specific needs. So whether you’re looking for a unique gift or want something special for your own home, choosing Wabs Print and Packaging is great.

Our dedication to customer service is another reason to choose Wabs Print and Packaging for your custom reed diffuser boxes. We know that not everyone has the time or resources to create their boxes, so we offer a wide variety of customization options that allow you.


We promise the fastest turnaround time & We keep Promises!

If you are looking for a diffuser that will add elegance and sophistication to your home, you need to check out Reed Diffuser Boxes. Our team of designers can create a custom diffuser box just for you, and we promise the fastest turnaround time in the business. Whether you’re looking for a traditional diffuser box or something more unique, we have what you need. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Go as creative as you want!

The beauty of using a diffuser box is customizing it to fit your needs. There are countless designs and options for Reed’s diffuser boxes so that you can find the perfect one for you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Add a personal touch by painting or decorating your diffuser box yourself.

-Choose a design that reflects your personality or style.

-Create a diffuser box that doubles as a jewellery organizer.

-Make your diffuser box unique by incorporating your favourite scent or essential oil into the design.


100% quality is guaranteed!

Are you looking for a unique way to add freshness and life to your home? Well, look no further than custom reed diffuser boxes! These boxes are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room in your home.

Custom reed diffuser boxes are beautiful, but they also come with a guarantee of quality. Every box is handcrafted using high-quality reeds and materials. So, you can be sure that every box will give your home the freshness and life you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom reed diffuser box, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We would be happy to help you find the perfect box for your home.


Select from several Stock Option


There are several different types of stock option boxes on the market, which means that you can find the right one for your needs. It would help if you thought about what you want the box to do and how it will help you achieve your business goals.

When looking at the different stock option boxes, it is important to consider each offer’s features. Some common features include options for customization and options for branding. You can also find options that have a built-in humidifier or timer.

If you are looking for a stock options box with all of the features you need, you should consider investing in a custom options box. A custom options box is designed specifically for your company, so you can be sure that it will meet your needs.


We Offer a Wide Range of Printing Options

If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra oomph to your business’s marketing materials, printing options may be what you need. We offer a wide range of printing options, including digital printing and offset printing. We can surely help you get the most out of your printed materials with so many printing methods available.


Enjoy Free and Quick Delivery

At, we know that when you’re looking for quality reed diffusers, you want to be able to enjoy them quickly and without any hassle. That’sThat’s why we offer free and quick delivery on all of our products. Our diffusers come in various styles and colours to suit your every need. So whether you’re looking for a traditional diffuser box or something a little more unique, has what you need.


E-Liquid Boxes

Custom E-liquid Boxes for your Products

The e-liquid packaging box is the smoking hot product by Wabs Print and Packaging. The packaging business knows the title of Wabs Printing as the top firm in the united kingdom! Individuals who do business use these boxes for the packaging of the e-liquid products and people really like to find the e-liquid at the gorgeous packaging because people like to buy things that look good by their own packaging!

It’s the very best time to find the boxes as folks are more interested to purchase those E-Liquid Boxes and wish to make their lives happier and filled with fun! Everybody enjoys e-liquid so it’s crucial that you provide them distinct to pick your product on the very first hand.

The smoking Hot attributes of Custom E-Liquid Boxes

Wabs Print and Packaging knows how to provide the best characteristics to your product! If you would like to acquire the best attributes then understand the calibre of the product, shapes, and alignments and their ending, the equal price and the very best turnaround time! If you’re interested in finding the attributes then always search for these characteristics of this product and organization!

Wabs Print and Packaging is well known for its commitment to customers which they never get disappointed once they order their E-liquid packaging box from us. we believe in quality over quantity to manufacture the E-Liquid Boxes with the best quality and how it can attract consumers to purchase your product!

If you do not have any idea to make custom E-liquid Boxes in your mind, then you can hire our expert graphic design team who will suit your thinking and design your E-Liquid Boxes very well. we always look on generating updated ideas which can be beneficial for you to maintain your position in the market as well as boost increase your Profit.

Attract your Customers:

Good things take their own time, thus preparation of your tobacco’s brand elegant E-Liquid Boxes is not something that can be completely manufactured within a day or two, it can take time to complete but we do our work as fast as we can because we don’t like to keep our customer in a waiting queue.

You also can use your E-Liquid Custom packaging boxes to attract more customers to your website or your Tabacoo’s brand. Wabs Print and packaging only use top-quality materials for manufacturing E-liquid boxes that will make customers love to use your products.

E-liquid packaging boxes Materials:

Wabs Print and Packaging use very strong and high-quality materials for the manufacture of these custom E-Liquid packaging boxes, our made boxes can travel all over the world and face any kind of environmental and thermal changes while travelling from one country to another and all over the world by holding its durability with the strong materials we used protects them from such environmental changes.

The material we use in making E-liquid boxes is something that gives out an extra charming look as well as a sparkle to the boxes that can be important in grabbing the attention of the viewers enough to convince them to buy your products. We use recycled crafting materials which can also be called eco-friendly materials that are all meant to protect E-liquid bottles from various climate change and thermal changes as well as keeps them safe from various other harsh conditions till they reach your customers without any kind of Damages.

No company ever wants their brand boxes to be damaged and moulded even by a slight push, so Wabs print and packaging always uses a strong material that will not allow any kind of product inside the box, even if the product is pushed abit hard in storage. So you should not mess with it and don’t ever underestimate the beauty of the E-liquid packaging box.

Buy fully customized E-Liquid boxes:

Many of the box packaging companies around the world use cardboard material because it is known as an eco-friendly material as well as a material on which can be designed into any kind of shape, it’s also recyclable. You have the full option to design your box and also display your company information and your company logo printed on it free of charge from us which could also be the addons to give it a charming look as well as a glow that will give your company maximum profit in the market.

When it comes to buying e-liquid, your customers always take a first look at information printed on your customized e-liquid boxes. If that information is familiar to them, then they are more interested in buying your item.

Why Choose Wabs Print & Packaging?

As Wabs print is one of the most renowned customized printing and box brands in the UK and we are building our name in different regions of the world with the help of our hardworking, responsible, and determined team. We offer free deliveries along with highly affordable customized products. Our after-sale services are only for our customer’s satisfaction.

You can reach us 24/7 by contacting our customer care service. We will promptly get in touch with you after receiving your query. You can also check our other products by visiting our website as there is a wide range of custom corrugated, cardboard, and eco-friendly boxes that we are selling throughout the world. Contact us at


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Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are one-piece boxes with a canopy-shaped handle on the top to make them easy to carry. People use these boxes for the packaging of gifts and other handy products. Gable goody boxes can be customized variably such as foiled, gloss laminated, and with many other printing premium techniques. You can lock and unlock these boxes from top to end side. Cardboard gable boxes are extra convenient for carrying and taking away. Our custom gable box are very easy to assemble with nice cost-effective options.

A small gable box can be used effectively as a  business promotional tool for your brand. Wholesale gable containers are available with complete customization options. Get your sturdy custom-printed gable container as a convenient solution for your offerings.

Our versatile wholesale gable box is a generous way for your business to take a step forward and stand out from the entire crowd in the business market. Provide your buyers with the benefits of a bag and a box together in one package.

Get large gable party box for food services, gifts, delis, and restaurants in multiple shapes and sizes. Check out our Metallic finish custom boxes and holiday gable boxes with an eye-catching effect.

wholesale gable party boxes are made from a single piece of paper or paper marts along with a useful built-in handle that make them ideal for gifts and treats. Easily stock up on your favourite style for your gable boxes at affordable rates.

show your creativity to give a distinguished and dynamic look to your gable boxes. Brief us of your idea and we will provide exactly the same form of the product. Our window boxes are available in solid colour combinations that will undoubtedly prominent your products in the competitive market.

Gable box are a great option for anyone looking for an all-in-one gift box that is sturdy and durable. It comes with an integrated handle and a self-closing envelope base. No glue or tape is required during assembly.

Two slits allow you to pop tabs through the closing system, ensuring that your contents stay inside. Gable boxes make a great eco-friendly option for party bags, favors, and DIY projects.

These boxes are perfect for small, pre-wrapped foodstuffs. They can be used as picnics, lunches, or takeaways. These boxes make great Christmas Eve boxes, especially in the festive season.

You also can print your business logo to give a decorative look to your custom-printed goodie bags. Furthermore, the list goes on to provide you with brown kraft gable containers, coloured pinstriped gable containers, mini gable boxes, holiday gable box, and white gable box. Order your lightweight but strong gable boxes wholesale by contacting us at!

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Handle Boxes

Handling boxes are used for many purposes. These boxes are used for gift packaging, candle packaging, and food packaging. These boxes are easy to transport and have a handle at the top. Personalize your packaging boxes with cardboard handles you can have them in any size and shape that you require, depending on your product specifications. These boxes can be printed with high-tech printing options to enhance their functionality and give them an appealing appearance.

These boxes can be used for many different purposes. Wabs Print has custom-made boxes that can be used for many purposes, including gift wrapping and shipping. These boxes are lightweight and easy to transport. They are ideal for carrying things safely and securely because of their structure. These handle boxes can be manufactured at very affordable prices. Large cardboard boxes with handles will allow you to make the product more accessible and easier to handle. For your business to succeed, custom packaging handle boxes is the best solution. Wabs Print can help you create ease for customers by providing the best handle box packaging. This will make a positive impression on potential buyers.

Our experts use only the best inks and stocks to make your packaging boxes. To be able to handle heavy materials, we use strong materials. You can also advertise your company or brand by having your logo and company name printed on the handle. Boxes should be handled. To attract more customers to your product, you can also print contact information and good wishes. Wabs Print guarantees you the attractive quality of our packaging boxes. This platform is ideal for storing, protecting, and showcasing your products. We are the best packaging company in the country thanks to our recognition by many brands. Visit us at We are here 24/7 for your assistance.

Medicine Boxes

Medicine Boxes of all Custom Shapes

People are very much conscious about the packaging of their medicines. It’s all about providing healthy goods along with healthy symbols. Customers require protective and appealing medicine boxes. We keep in mind the high-quality standards for custom medicines boxes to give an eye-catching impact of your product. Many medicine brands are running in the market, you have to differentiate yourself by packing your item in standardized and unique packaging boxes.

Wabs Print is the most experienced printing and packaging manufacturer worldwide. Our healthy pillboxes delivery has always satisfied our customers. We are delighted to provide you with the tailor-made designing options to make perfect medicine containers. Our professional staff will guide you to opt for an outstanding packaging design. 3D mock-ups will be displayed in front of you before sending the design to the manufacturing department. We promise you premium quality at your doorstep in minimum turnaround time.


Why Chose Wabs Print Packaging for Medicine Boxes

We love to print your very own created design displaying health tip on the boxes. Print your pharmaceutical brand name, logo, batch name and other medicine-related information on medicine boxes. It’s an honour for us to cater to the health industry by offering them very protective and best quality custom medicines boxes. You don’t need to come up with anything whatsoever is available. Our representatives are 24/7 available to deal with your queries. The proficient and high tech printing apparatus enables us to develop medicine lock boxes for consumer’s convenience.

Our unmatched custom printed cardboard medicine boxes are perfect for shipping purposes. Customize your medicine organizers to hold any quantity of pills. We precisely mention expiry dates and ingredients of products on their packaging boxes. Different design samples are available without any charges. Just discuss your thoughts and imaginations with our experts and we will bring them into reality through our team effort and latest mechanism. We use 100% biodegradable material to save our environment. Get your finest product in the minimum possible time frame at the lowest prices. The use of eco-friendly materials in the production process of these boxes protects the environment from global warming. Place your order at!

Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes UK

Wabs Print provides you the multi-purpose pillow boxes which are an excellent match for your weddings, anniversaries, brand launching, and many other purposes. Our acknowledged professionals use modern technology to develop aesthetic printing designs in all shapes and colors. We are here with our team to provide you best packaging solution. Window pillows boxes are specially designed from eco-friendly material. Our printing consultancy is available at each step to bring you an error-free end product. The use of CMYK/PMS printing colors and the latest apparatus enables us to provide you custom pillows boxes at wholesale rates.

With the provision of free design templates, our prices are very affordable because we keen on adopting new strategies to minimize your packaging cost. There are no hidden or extra charges. Out-of-the-box innovative ideas for your packaging boxes make your product prominent in the competitive market. It’s our primary focus to provide you the optimal packaging solution by generating innovative and unmatched packaging ideas. You can also have pillow packaging boxes with handles for a convenient carrying facility.

Customer Service

We carefully provide accurate material recommendations to our clients as per the product demand. Cardboard pillow boxes have a smooth surface with embossing and debossing options. Also, get Kraft pillow boxes and natural brown packaging boxes in cheap rates. Corrugate pillow boxes made with thick material are best for shipment purposes. We let you enjoy our facilities meeting all your demands within the shortest possible turnaround time. The use of the digital screen and offset printing methods along with various finishing options provides you the best quality pillow boxes. You may laminate the inner side of the boxes to protect the product from environmental harm.

You have come to the right place to attain different varieties of durable and customized packaging boxes for retail purposes. We timely deal with your short and long-run orders. Customer’s loyalty and state of the artwork makes us the key manufacturer company to deal with all packaging needs. Enlist all your demands and get sturdy packaging boxes for all types of products. Place your order at!

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