PVC Tags

PVC Tags

PVC waterproof tags are also known as PVC hang tags. They are made from high-quality and printed with them. These custom PVC tags are ideal for those who want to tag products that can be wet.

PVC hang tags can be used to waterproof items such as boats, skies, and swimming equipment. These tags should be strong enough to withstand water. Vinyl and PVC plastic is used to print waterproof tags. Vinyl material has transparency and waterproofing. The PVC plastic printed tags can also be waterproof, but they are available in many colours.

There are many shapes that can be used to print custom tags. You can also choose customized shapes such as custom, which can be printed with any type of text. The die-cut allows us to print any shape you desire.

You can personalize your tags by choosing from different options such as foiling, stamping, or embossing. You can foil your tags in gold or silver. Your high-quality PVC tags can be UV coated to add protection. Full-colour printing is available for tags. The colours used are of high quality, and the colour will not fade once they get wet.

Wabs print is one of the most well-known for printing and packaging custom tags in the UK.

Wabs Print can print the tags in different shapes, including the traditional ones like square, circle, and rectangle. We offer custom options that let you print any text on the tags, and die-cut tags can have any shape you like.

Swing tags printed by us have full colours, which means you will be able to have them printed with your desired colours and images on them. You can also choose to have your tags personalized by choosing options like embossing, stamping, and foiling in gold or silver. Our clients can also select from UV coating, which adds an extra layer of protection from scratches by adding a thin transparent layer.

All waterproof tags can be shipped to you at no cost, regardless of the order size.

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