Food Safe Stickers

Food Safe Stickers

Add Food safe Stickers to your Food items to make them more valuable

While it is essential to make your labels with food-safe stickers, there are other functions. They have other roles. Your brand should be represented and promote your products they are responsible for judging how customers judge your food before they even try it. They are responsible for how your customers evaluate your food before they try it.

Your labels have a direct impact on your sales and profits.

We take quality labels very seriously with Xeikon printing technology. industry-leading detail. Design, description, logo, ingredients, and nutritional values – all of these will be vibrant in colour and ultra-sharp.

It’s more than a product.

Upload your artwork before we print, we’ll inspect it and make sure it is perfect. Do you need a design? With our free design service, we can make it happen.

It is quick to turn around next-day delivery to the UK is free after dispatch if there are any problems, we will immediately reprint your order.

We know that Food Safe Stickers are important for many businesses. Mission-critical. Production could not be defined by labels Grinding to a halt. We are fully reliable and flexible to adapt to your business’s needs as they grow.

Confidence in your ability to serve customers

We have printed thousands of custom Food Safe Stickers. Artisan producers through to large-scale manufacturers are used for a variety of purposes. Labels for food packaging include containers, boxes, bags, tubs, and bottles as well as labels for packets, bags, tubes, cartons, containers, and boxes.

We have supplied adhesive labels for many businesses, including caterers, importers, and food producers.

It’s all about creating high-quality food labels custom-made that are fast and affordable press your customers while keeping them safe as they munch.

Non-toxic and food-safe label printing can be divided into three areas: the adhesive, the toner, or the material.

The Food Safe Stickers material

Polypropylene is the most commonly used material for this purpose, followed by paper.


It is a non-toxic, thermoplastic that has excellent chemical and heat resistance. It is the best waterproof material to use for self-adhesive labels.

It is best for indirect contacts such as on the outside of food packaging and cartons. It is also suitable for use in other situations, such as printing custom labels for toys and medicines.


Although paper may not be waterproof it is made of cellulose fibres which are one of the main components in dietary plant fibres that we humans eat regularly.

It can be made food-safe by using the right combination of adhesives and toners.

The Food Safe Stickers toner

Instead of traditional ink, our printing presses use dry-toner electrophotography. This is a modern printing technique that produces better colour and detail. It’s also solvent-free and can be used for Food Safe Stickers printing.

To print labels, we only use Xeikon inks. These toners formally conform to FDA guidelines for direct or indirect contact. The toner is also environmentally friendly and odourless.

The adhesive

Acrylic-based adhesive. 

A specialized middle layer has been developed to allow for strong adhesion and high tack. It is also resistant to oils and moisture. The operating temperature can be set at -30c to 95c+ for shorter periods.

Our Food Safe stickers will enhance the visual appeal of your restaurant. You can use our high-quality Food Safe stickers on any surface in your restaurant. Our Food Safe stickers can be used on any surface in your space, whether you are creating labels for takeaway packaging or safety signage on food trays or tables, or putting directive messages on the floor.

Food Safe stickers are made from industrial-grade materials and can last for up to five years. The unique coating is pebble-like in texture and slips resistance. No residue will remain after the sticker has been removed.

You have come to the right place if you want the highest quality food-safe stickers printed at your doorstep. These stickers can be printed in any size or shape you require by calling us at the number given. You can also send an email to us or chat live with one of our CSRs. Don’t wait and place your order today to have them delivered right to your doorstep.