Archive Boxes

Archive boxes serve their best to give a proper look to your messy workplace or disorganized office. They are a handy solution to categorize your valuable files. Wabs Print offers you the Archive boxes at very economical prices. These boxes are very purposeful for both your office and home storage usage.

We are the leading packaging company by serving hundreds of customers for short and commercial runs. Our professionals give their best to make your product stand out of the crowd. You can use these archive boxes for paperwork and general use items.

This archive box packaging is an extraordinary answer for all storing reasons and sparing reasons. They are accessible in various sizes so clients can pick the one which they need. We are providing you with the large cardboard archive boxes in various shades, colour schemes, shapes, and designs. We also have many exciting options for you to decore these boxes. This is all done by using our imaginative thoughts just to provide you with the unique box packaging.

Our professionals make it very smooth for you to develop your own archive box by providing different design options to its customers. They deal with all the manufacturing processes in a great manner as well as provide designs that are directly suitable for our customer’s product. you can discuss the design with our experts to avoid any issues.

You are freely allowed to make any changes in the formation of your archive packaging boxes. We guarantee you to make all the amendments with excellence and perfection. Our materials include inks, colours, cardboard etc. Moreover, we use biodegradable material to give you a durable and good quality product. Not only such material will make our environment green but also would not harm the items inside.

We have a proper quality check team, they are responsible for checking every manufacturing step and material used to prepare the box. Also, they have a proper check and balance upon the printing process to make sure it is done in a fabulous way. Let’s work together at!

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Biscuit Boxes Packaging

Biscuit Box

Biscuits are very popular snacks for people of all ages. Their packaging is required to be mandatory in its quality as the product itself. Many types of custom Biscuit Packaging boxes in the UK the best of glamour and attraction in the competitive market. Wabs Print provides you the Biscuit containers with extra protection to retain the quality and freshness of the Biscuits packed inside. Biscuit boxes are available in all shapes and sizes with other specifications on your biscuits packaging. Wabs Print and Packaging is known as the best Platform to provide Biscuit box in the UK.

We provide you with our Biscuit boxes with your own created or personalized ideas. Get your custom bakery Biscuit box packaging with the brand logo, die-cut window, and pleasant & delicious colour combinations. Our high-tech printing techniques deliver you the best Biscuits packaging boxes as you dreamed for your product. You can print the Biscuit image on the box to attract the audience’s attention towards your product.

Fact about Biscuit Box packaging

It’s impossible to enhance the sales sheet with an ordinary packaging of the product. Pack your product in a unique way and robust your marketing department. Our professionals always serve their best to make you the most progressive brand in this highly competitive market. We are the major suppliers of custom Biscuit boxes and Biscuits packaging containers with the best artwork and customized options. Within no time, we have earned a prestigious place in the market. Our finishing techniques include gloss lamination, matte lamination, matte UV, embossing, debossing, and perforation.

Pillars of Biscuit Boxes

Pillars are the roots of the best construction, and Wabs Print & Packaging believes in gaining customer’s trust. That is our pillar of growth because we are expanding our family day-by-day by making everyone’s desired products. For custom Biscuit boxes, their shape, size, colours, placeholder, and product quality are the pillars that either strengthen or weaken your sale. Material is guaranteed to be 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and colours according to your product and demands.

Complete Process of Manufacturing Biscuit Packaging Boxes

The Biscuit boxes have to go through various steps to become a perfect source of beautifully showcasing your products. Here is the step-wise process of its manufacturing.

  • Die-cutting
  • Gluing
  • Perforating
  • Inserting


Die-cutting is the most convenient way of cutting the boxes in your desired shape after moulding the cardboard or kraft board in a box shape. It gives a thick layer over these bases to make them even stronger. After passing through this step, you can mould the boards in any shape.


The glueing procedure will join all the ends to give it a perfect shape of a box. It ensures that the box becomes non-collapsible. Although we will deliver these custom boxes after passing them through our testing process, you can also test them by putting the heaviest product.


Now, it’s time to shape the boards in a way your customers asked for, bypassing the boards through the perforation process. It is the shape-developing process where you get the desired shape of the box. We make sure to provide you with the best cardboard Biscuit box as it will make your products appealing in the end.


In this step, we make sure that your product will not fall and steadily stand in its place no matter how harshly someone thrashes it. We mainly do two different types of insertions that are as follows:

Punch Insertions

Punch Insertions is a perfect way of stabilizing your products and letting them stand easily. It is useful for lipsticks, chocolates, pens, candies, medicines, etc.

Fence Insertions

Fence insertion separates every product into a single box. Due to overheating, Biscuits could get soggy and stick together in such circumstances. Fence insertion will help you in keeping Biscuit separately to avoid sticking.

Customized Biscuit Packaging Boxes by Wabs Print

Are you facing difficulty in deciding the design for your custom Biscuit box? Finding any perfect platform for printed or customized. Wabs Print and Packaging is here to welcome you. Our aesthetic skills and design services will surely amaze you.

You can customize your Biscuit boxes in shape, size, colour, and design from Wabs print. You tell us about the requirements of the box you desire to make a free sample for you and amuse you with your passionate skills.

Why Choose Wabs Print & Packaging?

Wabs Print & Packaging offers you custom Biscuit boxes – wholesale Biscuits packaging boxes developed in custom shapes, sizes and layouts. We promise you the quality and error-free packaging services to let people fall in love with your Biscuit product.

Wabs print is one of the most renowned customized printing and box brands, famous for providing Biscuit boxes packaging in the UK. We are building our name in different regions of the world with the help of our hardworking, responsible, and determined team.

We offer free deliveries along with highly affordable customized products. Our after-sale services are only for our customer’s satisfaction.

You can reach us 24/7 by contacting our customer care service. We will promptly get in touch with you after receiving your query. You can also check our other products by visiting our website. We offer a wide range of custom corrugated, cardboard, and eco-friendly boxes that we are selling throughout the world. Contact us at

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Blister Packaging

Blister packing is mainly used for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging adhered to a printed backing card (Blister package). Blister packaging is used for various products like Small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals.

While selecting a blister package as alter to Skin Packaging is the most effective and inexpensive way for display purpose and marketing any small products as well which allows the consumer to inspect the product visually before purchasing, with a degree of tamper-proofing and security.

Blister Packaging sealing and safest packaging option for your product which is all meant To make sure that your product is sealed securely under clear vacuumed plastic blister sealed by using heat against a coated printed card which is mostly made of aluminium. The clear plastic used in blister packaging allows for perfect visibility of product for the consumer promoting good product and brand visibility in a retail environment.

Essential components for a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a formable web or usually, it could be thermoformed plastic. This mix up is for paperboard backing or a lidding seal of aluminium foil or even plastic also. the clamshell is also another form of blister that folds onto itself.

The backing card of the blister pack can be printed on both sides and allows you to use the area to promote the sale of your product and brand as well as provide usage instructions to the consumer, if provided with a euro slot the blister card can be easily merchandised on hanging hooks or with a vacuum-formed tray ensuring your product is presented in a professional way in the retail environment. A blister allows you to shape the blister to fit the product and with the right design work, it can also support the blister card to allow it to free stand on the shelf.

Book Boxes

A very famous quotation is “ book is a person’s best friend”. A book is the most cherished asset of a person. Book lovers are very sensitive in caring for their books. They always try to keep their books organized and maintain their cherished look. So it requires a lot of time and space as well. So they usually look around for some convenient ways to store their beloved books in an appropriate way. Although the book reading trend is coming slowly in the new age still the orthodox book reading habit prolongs and looks exciting.

Wabs Print offers you custom book boxes designed for the purpose of both making the bookshelves organized and also protecting the books for a long time. The custom book subscription boxes are designed in different shapes, sizes and printing designs that make labelling them easier and also separate with different colours on the book or retail shelves. Custom book boxes wholesales are made with fine processed cardboard or paperboard and also with amazing decorative options.

Get your comic book boxes with many cartoon images printed on them. We guarantee their unmatched protective abilities that would not deteriorate with time and will keep the books safe and perfect as new for years. The talented printing and designing team promises you outstanding designing and printing in the highest quality and endless colour combinations for book storage containers in order to organize your books in an efficient way.

Wabs Print offers the market-leading wholesale book boxes to our valued customers that are most unique among the entire competitive market and at very cheap prices. Our shipping book boxes have the major purpose of protecting the books during shipping and enable them to maintain their condition for a much longer time period. These boxes are prepared along with virtual air locked outer shells that protect the books from dust or other harmful elements and also keep them safe by weatherproofing to a great extent. Keep your books out of water or any other dangerous liquids by packing them in our book storage boxes.

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Buy Sweets Boxes

Buy Sweets Boxes online in the UK

The packaging of a product is everything. Unfortunately, packaging concepts of products are overlooks by brands that focus solely on the product’s quality when launching a new product to the market. The more appealing you pack your Sweets gift boxes, the more sales you’ll get. However, it can be hard to stand out from other products. For Sweet products to stand out, it is essential to stay current with new trends. It is not difficult as it seems. The job can be made more accessible by working with the right company and there would be a no better choice than Wabs Print and Packaging to Buy Cardboard Sweet gift boxes online in the UK and that too at affordable rates so that you can have Empty sweet boxes for your Business without spending more than required.

You might be wondering whether Sweets packaging is worthwhile. We are confident that it is. When customers are looking at your product, the packaging is what they will first see. Customers quickly assess a product’s appearance and make their decision within seconds. As a customer, imagine yourself standing in front of dozens of Sweet products. Each packaging style is different. If all effects are identical, customers feel the same way. It can make it difficult for them to make a decision. Like cereal boxes with unique logos, unique designs can help you stand out.

What are the most recent trends in Sweets packaging?

Before you begin designing packaging, it is essential to research what the top brands are doing and what trends are in cardboard Sweet boxes. Then, with enough knowledge of the market, you can design your unique packaging with your creativity. Let’s take you through some of the most current packaging trends in the Sweet sector.

Convenient packaging

Simple words to put it, Sweets gift packaging boxes should be simple to use. It would be best if you chose boxes that are easy to open, close, and stack. It is unlikely that customers will love a simple design, but they will pay more to have it. For candies, sleeve and tray boxes are the best choice. Slide the tray to release the product. Business owners can also add a window to the top of the tray to show customers what they are buying. Customers will appreciate the transparent design, which is convenient and easy to use.

Being sustainable

Sustainability is more than just Sweets packaging. All products should adopt eco-friendly packaging. Customers also care about the materials used to make the boxes and whether they are recyclable. Therefore, it is better to switch to sustainable packaging, which will protect the product and help in recycling. Kraft Sweet boxes in the UK are three of the most commonly used packages for Sweets packaging. All these materials are better for the environment and have more sustainable benefits, so they’re the top choices of many brands.

You must be unique

The most significant trend that customers want from brands is to stand out on the shelves. Always use Elegant packaging, which could be helpful to grab the attention of the customers; there are many things you can do to make your design unique so others couldn’t copy the design. You don’t have to be like everyone else and customize the boxes with images and graphics. Instead, focus on the plan that makes you stand out. A simple box in a light shade with your logo and name embossed on it will make a big impression on customers. The primary purpose of your design should be to stand out from others.

Portable packaging

Customers are the most mobilized generation today. They are mobile and always have their favourite products with them. Everyone loves candies, so customers are always looking to buy small Sweets packaging boxes to store these sweet treats. These boxes are small and easy to transport in the bags. The size of the boxes is not the only thing that matters. It’s also essential to ensure that the chocolate doesn’t melt or spoil. Thus, it could cause the bag to be damaged. Consider all factors when designing cardboard Sweet boxes UK. Again, we’ll say that portable packaging is best when it comes to custom tray boxes.

Shipping requirements should be considered.

Different candies require different packaging to keep them safe during shipping. When designing personalised cardboard Sweet gift boxes for your product, consider shipping requirements. High-quality boxes are best for keeping the Sweet fresh and safe. You can use shrink wrap or bubble wrap to protect your goods during transport and shipping. To keep the items in one box, it is a good idea to use dividers. Customers should have a positive experience with shipping so they will return for more.

Designing attractive boxes while ensuring safety and sustainability is the key to good packaging. Suitable packaging for Sweet and cereal boxes is essential to attract customers and keep the product safe during transport and storage. In addition, a unique, appealing design will help customers distinguish your product from its competitors and make it easier for them to buy sweets boxes. Don’t miss out on this chance and get professional packaging design assistance.

Sweet boxes are the perfect way to package sweets and attract customers to purchase them. Keep up to date with the latest trends, and be innovative to stand out from others. You can stand out among the crowd by using the most recent packaging trends. Packaging boxes can be made portable, lightweight, unique, and environmentally friendly. These trends apply to all industries. Get cereal boxes also. Do not miss the chance to market your brand using well-designed Sweet packaging boxes.

The word sweets reflect something made for kids. So it automatically relates to bright, colorful, shimmering, and shiny things. Encase your product in glamorous personalised Sweet boxes and serve your purpose the best. The wholesale of personalized sweets box is also available in all shapes and sizes to add charisma to this captivating product.

Our qualified manufacturers produce all types of the personalized boxes such as Personalised sweet gift boxes, wedding cardboard sweet boxes, small gift boxes, and wholesale sweets gift boxes to make the product more prominent and durable. Avail of our first-class packaging services at very reasonable prices.

You can buy sweets gift boxes exactly according to your specifications with different compartment styles. Let’s get a step ahead of your competitors and make your product truly stand out by packing in our Sweet subscription boxes. Visit our product web pages to tell us the perfect match for your offerings. Customize your empty Sweet boxes packaging with company logo, product name and slogan, custom decoration, and material selection. Proudly present your product and let people know where they came from and where they can get more.

At Wabs Print, you can also get compartment-style plastic Sweet gift boxes inserts that enable you to maintain the actual shape of your product in front of your customers. These insert boxes are heat resistant, so hot fudge can be poured into them. Our wholesale custom boxes are perfect for bark, cookies, toffee, fudge square, nuts, and pretzel rods – we provide you a perfect packaging size to cater to every need of your offerings.

We are the major suppliers of custom boxes at very cost-effective prices without any hidden charges. Order now to buy Empty Sweet boxes in the UK for wedding favors, birthday gifts, and other occasions. Contact us at for an easy order placement with a complete description.

Empty Sweet Boxes in the UK by Wabs Print & Packaging Premium Services 

We’re always prepared to satisfy your orders by providing top-notch products in exchange for an extremely small sum you can’t find any place in the market. This has been our aim since day one: provide the cheapest packaging solutions to buy Sweets gift boxes in the UK to each client no matter how large or small the order is. We understand your order requirements and send them efficiently.

Wabs Printing turned into a massive name in the realm of manufacturing. Our customer base includes companies belonging to different businesses. Printing is a difficult task. Our staff believes in taking on the challenges. We funded badly in our production factory and human source. You may place complicated additions to printing.

We give you the printing value that you want. We are more than proficient at meeting your printing demands. Ordering is simple and convenient. The procedure requires a couple of minutes only. Fill in the quotation form details from the form placed on the website to get our own Empty sweet boxes for your brand or any events you like to.

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Cake Boxes

Buy Cardboard Cake Boxes

No event is complete without cake. In addition, the packaging of cakes makes it easier to transport them. There are many varieties of cardboard cake boxes available like cake box with window, but most seem to have been made from sturdy cardboard. There are many styles, sizes, colors, and shapes available. Most guests receive gift items for functions such as a debut, wedding reception, or other special occasions. These can include a beautiful box with a cake inside and a nice little box. People often take a portion from the wedding or debutante’s cake and place it in a sliced box. now you can get wholesale cardboard cake boxes in the UK quickly and easily to make it fancier you can have a cake box with a window.

You can make great party keepsakes by having cakes all wrapped up in a beautiful cake box. You can customize boxes to suit your preferences or your celebration theme, depending on your occasion. For example, you can write the date and name of the recipient on the box. Wabs Print and Packaging also offer folding wholesale cardboard cake boxes bulk in the UK  at wholesale prices.

Cake boxes as Gift

You should prepare a list of everything you need to do and what you can buy to don’t forget anything. For example, cakes are now a staple of any celebration. You need to be prepared to choose the right type of cake. Cakebox is essential if you want to make gifts by baking cakes.

There will be a minimum number of people you invite. Also, decide how many cakes you’ll need to serve as party favors. Or, if you prefer ordering a large cake, you can then give your friends each a piece. For the perfect cake box, you can visit craft stores or party products to get your desired cardboard Cake boxes in the UK at wholesale rates. Many cakes come with frostings, so you will need to think about the size of your purchasing boxes. Look into adding beautiful accessories to your cake and supporting it with cake supports. For protection from being pitted, ensure that the cakes are packed in containers with the right dimensions.

Cake boxes in Party

Look out for the perfect cake boxes that match your party theme. You will save money by buying large quantities of party products. This fantastic idea will save you time, gas and avoid unnecessary trips to the party material shop. These items are not perishable, so wholesale buying is a great option, especially for people who love to plan and throw parties. Numerous stores offer discounts for bulk purchases of party supplies.

Most baking items can be prepared at home, including pastries, cakes, and pie. Many occasions require cakes, such as weddings, engagements and anniversaries, and the reception of special guests. They are baked to make the occasion more memorable. These delicate food items need special packaging that protects their shape and tastes while being transported from the baker to the destination.

Bakeries main usage of cake boxes

Baking houses use a variety of wholesale cake boxes bulk for safe and sound delivery. These cases are made of food-grade material, which does not alter the nutrition or taste of the food. Many people are skilled in baking and can make delicious homemade cakes. These sweet treats are made for family and friends but also for customers to enhance special occasions. Unfortunately, bakers often make the mistake of using packaging that makes their baked goods look more appealing. As a result, baking doesn’t get the attention it deserves. You will see why attractive and unique packaging is essential for cakes.

1. Packaging be Attractive

First, fancy packaging can help to establish a brand. Even if you only bake at home as a manufacturer, it is still necessary to be recognized by consumers. You cannot do this with a basic container. You can make your dessert stand out by delivering it in customized printed cake boxes. They will have your logo and name on them. Marketing strategies have changed significantly. Now, manufacturers don’t miss a chance to impress their customers. The easiest way to do so is to get your name on the box that contains your unique baking item.

2. Are you a misfit or a fit?

Which packaging would you prefer for baked foods and all manufactured goods? What would you prefer? An appropriate packaging or a misshapen carton? A poorly designed container can damage delicate baked foods before they reach their destination. An appropriate, well-designed package can protect not only the shape of the food but also its delicateness. For their baked goods, all of the major brands use Cake Packaging. The more appealing and appropriate packaging, the better. Why settle for less? You can improve the quality of your baked product by choosing appropriate packaging.

3. Go Green, Go, Eco,

The majority of Wholesale cardboard cake boxes in the UK are made with cardboard stock. However, other manufacturing materials can be used. The cardboard stock, a green packaging material, can keep food items and cakes safe. It is made following the 3R Rule, which is the biggest benefit. This rule stipulates that all packaging types should be reused and recycled as much as possible. This code was developed by international agencies working for the protection and improvement of the natural environment. Cardboard is a packaging material that complies fully with this code. It keeps the food products fresh and protected long-term. It protects food products from moisture, UV light, dust, and other harmful environmental particles. Because cardboard can be recycled, it lowers manufacturing costs. This means that bakers can obtain high-quality packaging at a reasonable price.


Although there are many options for packaging your cakes, it is becoming increasingly popular to use cardboard boxes. Because they keep your cakes safe, cardboard boxes are the best packaging options. It is important to find a company that is focused on packaging your food items in the best way possible to remain fresh for later consumption. You can ask them to customize the boxes according to your needs, such as cutting them to your preferred size or shape mostly brands also present cake box with window.

There are several reasons to use cardboard boxes for packaging.

  • Affordable

If you are looking for cardboard wholesale cake boxes bulk, it is worth contacting a trusted supplier. The boxes are affordable, even cake box window and can be used to complement your products. They are also much cheaper than traditional plastic packaging, so printing is not an issue. In addition, the process of loading boxes onto a delivery van is very simple, and the labor costs are also low.

  • Lightweight

Consider the weight of the container when transporting cakes over long distances. It is best to use lightweight boxes. It doesn’t matter what size your cardboard box, they don’t weigh much. This will help you not only save money but also make it easier to transport them. High-tech boxes are better for packing cakes of various weights.

  • Safety

The main reason cake manufacturers choose cardboard packaging boxes is to ensure their products are safe. The boxes are designed to offer maximum protection. They fit well and stop your goods banging about. You can cause serious damage to the quality and shape of your cakes if they aren’t protected from vibrations.

  • Flexibility

Because cardboard boxes can be cut to any shape or size, they are very adaptable. You can customize your cake box to cut to any shape or size by the suppliers. They are then glued, taped, and tapped. They will consider the shape of your cake and determine the right thickness for you. This helps to protect the products and keeps them in their original form.

  • Protection

Because cake owners are focused on the packaging that offers maximum protection, choose sturdy cardboard boxes to ensure complete damage protection. This will allow you to keep the cake’s value intact until they reach their destination. In addition, high-quality cardboard boxes are strong and can withstand pressure and abrasion even when it comes with cake box with window thick sheet is used to give which usually reflect back.

You can get so many benefits from using cardboard boxes to package cakes. Now is the time to find a trusted supplier of cake boxes. Ask them to personalize the cardboard cake box to fit your budget and needs. You can preserve the freshness and quality of your cakes by investing in sustainable packaging solutions.

Wabs Print & Packaging Premium Services

We’re always prepared to satisfy your orders by providing top-notch products in exchange for an extremely small sum you can’t find any place in the market. This has been our aim since day one: provide the cheapest packaging solutions to each client no matter how large or small the order is. We understand your order requirements and send them efficiently.

Wabs Printing turned into a massive name in the realm of manufacturing. Our customer base includes companies belonging to different businesses. Printing is a difficult task. Our staff believes in taking on the challenges. We funded badly in our production factory and human source to provide you wholesale price cardboard cake boxes bulk prices in the UK. You may place complicated additions to printing.

We give you the printing value that you want. We are more than proficient at meeting your printing demands. Ordering is simple and convenient. The procedure requires a couple of minutes only. Fill in the quotation form details from the form placed on the website

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Candle Boxes

Buy Custom Candle Packaging Boxes!

For custom packaging candle boxes wholesale in the UK, manufacturers usually use the traditional box with three main divisions. The first is the horizontal base with a foundation colour that’s white or black. Afterwards, the cap is nearly always a white plastic cap that can help shield the wax. Wabs Print for Wholesale candle packaging is Well known in the UK, to buy custom printed candle packaging boxes of the finest quality.

Then, the very best part that’s typically created from cardboard and has several pockets in which you can put the wax and the other substances can be placed. I create the bottom section of cardboard and have one purse. Finally, there’s the candlewick opening, which is usually made of solid and elastic substances.

It creates these custom printed candle boxes of various materials, including paper, wood, plastic, and much more. The substance that is used depends upon the size and shape of the candle box. If it’s a little box, then we might make it from paper or cardboard. But when the package is too big for one candle, they would make it of wood.

Custom candle folding boxes are ordinarily employed by company owners or other people who have a specific need. Firms may also make their own. Custom Candle Boxes wholesale in the UK may have many themes contingent upon the business logo or even a particular picture representing the provider. This custom box may raise the total visibility and hope of an organization in the area industry.

Buy Custom Printed Candle Boxes

The custom printed candle boxes are ideal for any business. I may use it for wedding favours, office Christmas or anniversary gift boxes, promotional, corporate gifts, advertising, sales, and gifts for particular events. A custom box is your perfect means of giving your clients a tiny token of love and appreciation.

So, if you have an organization searching for an inexpensive yet sensible custom box, it’s highly recommended that you contemplate custom printed candle boxes wholesale in the UK. It is reasonably priced and readily available.

Various businesses are offering this service for the company. You may go online and look at the samples available. It might help if you are searching for one that’s been made chiefly for your small business. Make sure the box is big enough to hold over only one candle.

You will have a far greater prospect of making it ideal. You can even use the very same materials which were used for creating the very first box.

Another tip that you can follow is to make sure that the box’s design is as near to your business as you can. For instance, if you are making it for your small business, you might want it to resemble a photograph of your organization or logo. When it’s to your company, you may require it to possess the title of your business. Ensure that the box may hold all of the candles required on your order. It’s also wise to ensure that the package isn’t too large or too small for your order you’ve got for it.

Unique and Distinct

There are tons of designs that you can select from, and you need to guarantee the custom box you choose is unique and distinct from the rest of the boxes on the market. It needs to be eye-catching, tasteful, and professional-looking. A box isn’t merely a box — it’s something that could use daily.

The very best thing about these candle boxes is that they can be found in various sizes, shapes, and sizes. You may use them for several events and not just for particular circumstances. They can make excellent gifts and permit you to spread the word about your company to your customers.

Candles have become a significant part of our regular lives. Besides, they are a fad now. In various forms and textures, used on different occasions or talented to the nearest ones, candles deliver joy.

The overall perception is that when a product appears good from the outside, then it has to be good on the inside. What if your candle not only looked and smelled good from the retail candle packaging box but had a luxury look that generated brand loyalty?

Now, that’s something you should not sleep on.

Let us have a peek at how wholesale candle packaging and candle labels can update your brand and produce an unforgettable first impression.

What Kind of candle packaging boxes to buy if I use them?

If you are looking to pack, present, and make that scent stand out, we indeed have the best packaging. Let us take a peek at the different types of candles and what candle boxes seem better.

Votive Candle

When thinking of votive candle packaging boxes, labels would be the go-to option. However, you can stick out on the shelf by doing things a little bit differently.

If you’re looking for an easy packaging option, you can pack your votive candles in a blank box. Then, customize the package with a custom label, and you’re taking a massive leap in front of your competitors.

It is also possible to bring the marketing of your goods to another level using a custom printed box.

Taper Candle

When you think of taper candles, you don’t associate them with luxury or high quality. Typically, nothing except the colour or scent makes them stand out. And that is where you can improve on items for your taper candles.

Consequently, this enables them to inform the consumer what they stand for. The candles are handmade, using natural ingredients (beeswax), sustainable, or so the natural kraft paperboard is a perfect option.

Perhaps your primary focus is to offer delicate sensory adventures to your candle lovers. Customers use aromatherapy candles for relaxing bathrooms, yoga sessions, or anxiety relief.

Make sure that they get the maximum of the unique fragrance by maintaining your candles nicely packaged. Please select the box that meets your style, customize it, and allow them to crave more.

Decorative Candles

Decorative candles are little pieces of artwork that decorate houses and workspaces. So that your customers love and want them to get their original design, they’ll either want to purchase your candles for themselves or provide them as a gift.

Ensure you choose a suitable candle packaging box that guarantees the integrity of the product. A sturdy box or without an insert to keep the candle from moving can perform the job. Plus, don’t forget to customize it like a reflection of what is inside, and you’re going to boost brand awareness.

Tealight Candles

The originality of tealight candles is limitless. They come in all sorts of colours, scents, shapes, and containers. Despite this, the most common type of packaging for tealights is that dull shrink-wrap.

Your tealights may make a difference on the shelf. You may select from a simple white or kraft paperboard box into a customized, with a nice cutout or screen window. Apply a label or a suggestive sleeve, and it is done. Your candle pack is already remarkable.

Creativity matters

A creatively structured quality printed candle boxes serve as a dazzling gift box also. These candle packagings are unique in texture and structure. Wholesale candle packaging is not just redone to protect and support the delicacy of the candle inside but also from the front they improve the perfection and style of your item.

Complete Process of Manufacturing Candle Packaging Boxes

The Candle packaging box has to go through various steps to become a perfect source of beautifully showcasing your products. Here is the step-wise process of its manufacturing.

  • Die-cutting
  • Glueing
  • Perforating
  • Inserting

Die-cut box

Die-cutting is the most convenient way of cutting the boxes in your desired shape after moulding the cardboard or kraft board in a box shape. It gives a thick layer over these bases to make them even stronger. After passing through this step you can mould the boards in any shape.


The glueing procedure will join all the ends to give it a perfect shape of a box. It ensures that the box becomes non-collapsible. Although we will deliver these custom boxes after passing them through our testing process, you can also test them by putting the heaviest product.


Now, it’s time to shape the boards in a way your customers asked for bypassing the boards through the perforation process. It is the shape-developing process where you get the desired shape of the box. We make sure to provide you with the best cardboard wholesale Candle packaging box as it will make your products appealing in the end.


In this step, we make sure that your product will not fall and steadily stand in its place no matter how harshly someone thrashes it. We mainly do two different types of insertions that are as follows:

Punch Insertions

A perfect way of stabilizing your products and letting them stand easily. It is useful for lipsticks, chocolates, pens, candies, medicines, etc.

Fence Insertions

The process separates every product into a single box. but due to overheating they could melt and stick together in such circumstances. Fence insertion will help you in keeping candles separately to avoid melting.

These custom candle boxes are accessible in all shapes and sizes, adding a windowpane to the container that empowers the buyers to look upon the magnificence of the item inside. Candle containers can be customized according to your demands, such as UV coatings, lamination, Abrasion guards can also be applied.

Why Choose Wabs Print and Packaging to Buy Wholesale Candle Packaging boxes?

Wabs Print is a very experienced team of super-equipped people striving hard to make every type of custom candle boxes, such as led candles, flameless candles, pillar candles, and battery candles. We make every box, keeping in mind the specifications for each type of candle product.

We deliver specially designed custom printed candle boxes wholesale in the UK made from flexible and yet refined processed materials that can keep candles safe & sound and also provides them with a fascinating look. A vast array of designs and colour combinations is available for our valuable customers. Our experience in the packaging industry with strong manufacturing and distribution channels has enabled us to provide the best wholesale rates to our customers. Get your bulk orders at very economical prices and with excellent quality to maximize your profit.

Our company offers you wholesale candle packaging boxes both for single candle packaging and multiple candle packaging as well. As per our Customer’s desire, we fix a transparent window on the front side that catches the buyer’s eye at the beautiful designs of the candles inside. We are 24/7 available to satisfy your requirements in the most effective ways.

You can also design your special candle gift boxes for gifting purposes, such as birthday candles and wedding candles. We’ll keep the colours and printing precisely according to the Customer’s requirements. This all is being done under one roof with the shortest turnaround time at Wabs Print and packaging.

Also, check Candle Labels

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

There is a great use of cardboard boxes in our day to day life. Especially they are served in retail packaging. these boxes can be used for transporting items and fragile things effectively and with protection. Custom cardboard packaging box can be customized in multiple ways to protect and preserve the product. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes.

Everybody utilizes Cardboard Boxes in their day to day routine. Cardboard boxes are special kind of boxes to provide safety to the product inside. They also can be used for the advertisement purpose by printing logos and company information on them. These special cardboard packaging boxes are used for almost all types of products and are manufactured from very high-quality materials to make them appear smooth on the outside. Get cardboard box having separate compartments inside them to increase the protection level.

Our adequate experience and skills enable us to deliver you the right cardboard boxes that are perfectly fit for your product. We offer you cardboard boxes for retailers or supermarkets at wholesale rates. Wabs Print provides you the excellent quality packaging product at the best possible bulk rates.

Our professional graphic designers provide you the designs keeping in mind your product requirements. We ask our clients about each and every type of changes in the required product. The cardboard boxes stocks fit in for retail grocery products, food and beverages items, fashion industry products, home decoration items, electronic products, and every other type of relevant item.

We are proud to cater to your unique products by preparing the cardboard box with special compartments for different parts of the product. When it comes to moving items packed in Cardboard Box, their printing plans are the most alluring things on them to add more glamour in general appearance. Wabs Print  satisfies this necessity in the most effective way by printing the Cardboard Packaging with the most elevated quality printing apparatus. We additionally have a devoted group of expert printing people who are always ready to facilitate you regarding product packaging. Place your order by clicking on!


Customized Printed CBD Packaging Boxes for your Products

CBD oil boxes offer a variety of first-hand and best quality CBD oil box packaging including custom CBD boxes that can be customized in any way to live up to the ideas of the customers. We deliver what is best as we pay full attention to product box manufacturing and create a wide range of series of CBD packaging boxes for the customer to see their brand to the next level. We work hard for the end product for sharing positive views towards the custom printed CBD printed boxes and also into the packaging industry.

When it is needed to have a contrast of company product packaging from the competitors in the market then the use of beautiful, elegant, and custom printed CBD boxes is the right choice. In custom printing, customers are given the option to display their company logos, product formula, and business names over their printed boxes.

Custom CBD oil boxes right use is essential and very important to highlight the brand in the market. This highlight can be done by custom printing logos and different printing styles of boxes.

CBD-Boxes help clients in choosing the style and different options of designs along with the printing of boxes as per their needs and specifications. We produce boxes that are unique and are a great deal for wholesale orders. CBD-Boxes manufactures products with a captivating style and design of boxes with a wide range of coating options like matt, gloss, UV, or any other. We also provide various printing methods in custom CBD packaging boxes like CMYK or PMS printing.

We provide various sizes and shapes in packaging boxes to fit in the CBD products. Our various designs include window cut boxes. Foiling, embossed boxes, side window display boxes, PVC packaging boxes, slider boxes, flip boxes, and many more. Display boxes are very good for the deep view along with window cuts. For royal looks, gold and silver foil boxes are the best. If the customer wants to focus on their brand logo then embossing boxes are of great value.

Our mission is to provide the best and quality solutions to packaging issues and we always strive to achieve our mission. CBD- boxes provide budget-friendly packing solutions to their customers for their needs. We believe in the timely delivery of products thus we work hard to meet the deadlines. We provide customer CBD packaging subscriptions without a single compromise on quality.


Cereal Boxes

In this highly competitive market, Packaging has now become a crucial thing for products manufacturers. We develop exactly the same kind of seal end cereal box to ensure your product’s real taste. Cereal storage boxes are specially designed to provide protection and safety to the product. The captivating pictures printed on these cereal bars give an appealing and attractive look to the product on retail shelves. Customize these boxes to be air-locked so that the quality of the food item does not get harmed. Wabs Print and Packaging is one of the leading packaging solution companies providing mini Cereal boxes in the UK.

Wabs Print offers cost-effective colourful custom cereal packaging boxes, that are designed according to different types and flavours. our first quality special boxes differentiate your offerings and make them prominent among other food items. We efficiently provide you with custom logo printing in exciting colour combinations. Our experts are focused to meet the standards and timely delivery requirements. These food boxes are made with care and special material to keep the product durable, and hygienic and to protect it from losing its crunchiness and Frenches.

You can have custom cereal storage boxes in the UK, Wabs Print and Packaging will you such a solution for your packaging which will help to prevent your item from losing its genuine appeal. We use the latest printing techniques and limitless designs or colour combinations that allow you to pick any kind of these sturdy boxes. We also provide you with inexpensive boxes not only to prevent your product from external factors but also meant to give striking glossy and vibrant attention to shoppers.

The cereal box is one of the things that is an excellent basis of energy. Today there are many well-known breakfast goods packed in different types of storage boxes in the UK. It offers food for a brief period. That’s why nowadays, cereal is existing in almost all the big and small grocery shops. Customers can like the taste of their choice by putting numerous sweet/eatable items to sweeten the foods. Because these types of foods are in high demand in the market, manufacturers must focus on the quality of the packaging so that better foods can be delivered to consumers with extreme safety and protection without compromising product worth.

Cereal food is a long-lasting food, actually. In order to make these foods long-lasting, the excellence of the personalized packaging becomes to play a very important role in food safety and maintaining their long-lasting taste for their clients. There are many kinds of food storage boxes in the store. These boxes are frequently available in plastic and cardboard boxes. These individual cereal boxes are also available in different sizes, shapes, and colours depending on the product requirements.  The beautiful box design helps attract more and more buyers. The excellent design of the box greatly helps the sales of the item, as well-designed boxes are a symbolic image of quality brands and the product as well.


A flawless design box attracts customers.

Any box design is the initial connection between the buyer and the product. It is, therefore, important to design nice-looking mini cereal boxes that demand customers. In addition to the lovely design, the quality of the box is also one of the important factors that help in maintaining the unique taste over an extensive period of time.


Tips can be used to get an exclusive and perfect-design custom printed cereal box.

v  The well-designed and attention-grabbing design of the box

v  Plan your customised printed cereal box

v  Use logo to promote brand name

v  Product elements for the design.

v  Gives Special Offers.

v  Eco-friendly material


The well-designed and attention-grabbing design of the box

Packaging always starts with a box. Your personalized mini cereal boxes should not only be a container but also deliver customers with an attractive involvement with a unique design as we know that on a store rack, only an attractively designed product can grab a customer’s attention. There are also many different choices about the shapes of the item, for example, square-like boxes, circle shape boxes, and many others.

If you are using the best-quality cardboard resources, then there are numerous selections for the product designing design. Wabs print and packaging give you a free template for designing a personalized cereal box in the UK that meets the user requirements. Product brand logos and high-quality individual cereal boxes print options can be used to improve the design of the card also. The product design must be improved to the components of the item.


Plan your customised printed cereal box

This will help you become to use your own ideas to create a perfect and eye-catching look for your product. Most companies target children as the target market to increase their sales with individual cereal boxes; that’s why they should include a cartoon on cereal boxes that truly give an attraction point for children. Another main target markets are those people who want to lose or gain weight; at the time of product design, these points must include as a highlighted feature. Some clients like to buy different products based on their own experience and make their own custom mini cereal boxes.


Use logo to promote brand name

Logos are considered brand ambassadors for the products. It’s nothing important that whatever your business is, you constantly want a valuable buyer who remembers your brand name and the quality of your product. The use of an exclusive logo on one side of the cereal-type boxes and the use of different printing options with a beautiful colour on the other side of the box makes them striking and attractive to customers. A fulfilled customer will always request your product on their next visit.


Element for the design.

Product design should obviously define the fundamentals of the product and target customers in the marketplace to get high sales. The use of bold writing style and several colors combination attract children. Wabs print and packaging company give you the best quality and cheap in price packaging facility according to the customer needs to full-fill their packaging requirements, they provide a good feeling about the product. It should also be declared that the item must be designed in such a way that the customer can only be well-versed of the product by seeing the buyer of conception. This helps the customer to select the product design and packaging of individual cereal boxes directly as they needed for their product.


Give Special Offers.

Special offers can increase the sales of individual cereal boxes. The client always likes looking for a free thing as a gift with the product this will helps you to create a good attraction point. Another tool you can use is an example that suggests a new version. Different types of toys can be provided to attract children to use the product.


Eco-friendly Materials

Always use eco-friendly food box packaging. Most of the boxes are made with cardboard-type materials that can be 100% recycled easily. These eco-friendly give you more benefit over a product sale and give a healthy environment because they give you a fully reuse material option. Wabs print gives a fully-featured recycle material that can be used in making mini cereal boxes. Wabs team use custom boxes that are specially printed with different icons like cartoons for kids to make children fall in love with your wonderful item. They work according to your dreams so that you can fully enjoy the products you want.

 Why choose Wabs Print and Packaging to Buy Personalised cereal box in the UK 

The team at Wabs Print strives hard to give a distinguished look to your item. Our exclusive printing services provide a complete array of features for you to get gluten-free boxes in many color combinations and patterns. Furthermore, protein cereal is the favorite breakfast of young and old people. Children especially love to have high-fiber cereal and maize in breakfast. Our custom storage boxes in the UK are specially printed with cartoon icons to make kids fall in love with your delicious product. We work according to your imaginations to give you complete satisfaction regarding your required packaging.

Our professionals effectively respond to every query regarding the packaging.

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Chinese Takeaway Boxes

Chinese Takeaway Box

Food plays a dominant role as we serve it on various occasions and have it every day in our life. Just like healthy and appealing food, it is mandatory to have it in super attractive and safe boxes. Chinese takeaway boxes are one of the most used and most renowned Chinese takeout boxes and it is all for a good reason. Wabs Print and Packages offers its customers to buy Chinese takeaway boxes at cheap rates as compared to other providers. You’re free to add any sort of design Customization on your Chinese takeaway box.

There is a wide range of customization for the Chinese takeout boxes provide by Wabs Print. The material we used for the manufacturing of the boxes could be crafted, recycled in any shape, style, and size. To make it more attractive and mesmerizing the bold Chinese letters could be printed on the boxes along with different colour schemes.

To give your Chinese restaurant business a huge success make your signature food packaging boxes printed with your logo. The exclusive signature on Chinese takeaway boxes will seek the attention of Chinese food lovers and enhance the image of the restaurant.

Make your loved ones feel special with these takeaway favour boxes at the events like Easter and Christmas. The Chinese takeaway containers could be embellished with different decorative accessories like ribbons and paper flowers printed according to the theme of the event.

Why are Chinese Takeaway Boxes Famous?

 The majority of foodies prefer to get their mouth-watering food in Chinese takeout boxes for the following reasons:

  • Its compact and attractive design
  • Super handy structure
  • Allows long-term food storage without losing its freshness.
  • Food stored in it never changes its taste. 
  • Microwave-friendly
  • One can directly eat from it due to its wide opening.
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly construction
  • Also can be used as gift boxes for small products by using gift wraps

Customized Chinese Takeout Boxes

When you are into any business you want to make your brand recognition in the market. This can initially be done by customizing your displayable accessories with your brand’s name. These custom Chinese takeout boxes will benefit you in your food business. 

First, you have to decide your brand’s name and logo. And the very next step should be printing them on food boxes. In this regard, Wabs Print and Packaging will assist you to get the best quality Chinese takeout boxes along with all the customization that you will ask for. 

An Extended Layer of Protection

For protecting the food boxes, it is necessary to cover them with a thin plastic lamination. Wabs Print will surely provide all the Chinese takeout boxes with complete lamination and guaranteed quality products. Lamination protects these takeout boxes from water, heat, sun rays, and wear and tear. 

There are various types of laminations like shiny, matte, traditional silk, spot UV, and aqueous that we are offering. But we will apply the one that you will opt for your customized Chinese takeout boxes. All of them will assist in sustaining the printed content on the box. 

Multiple Applications of Chinese Takeaway Box

These well-designed Chinese takeaway box cannot only be used for delivering or storing food. But these Chinese takeout boxes will work for you for storing utensils, spoons, chopsticks, and paper plates, etc. You can also present your gift in it due to its stylish and eye-catching design. It can be utilized for weddings, favors, and party events. 

Main Benefits of Chinese Takeout Boxes

Not only for foodies but these takeout boxes are incredibly beneficial for food business holders as well, here are the reasons why:

  • Compact and stackable storage that consumes the least space. 
  • Suitable for all kinds of food and meals along with Chinese. 
  • Easy and time-saving assembling
  • Saves other paper consumption as one can directly put food in it
  • Sturdy construction ensures the least wear and tear.
  • Easy to deliver anywhere 

How Wabs Print Manufacture Chinese Takeaway Boxes?

Wabs Print wholeheartedly welcomes all its customers as we are here to present you with the best. We use 100% recyclable cardboard, kraft paper, and paperboard for its manufacturing. We prefer to use these materials for the base as they are sturdy and best for printing purposes. After constructing its shape, we use any of your customized or desired colours for printing. 

We at Wabs print offer you these custom Chinese takeout boxes both with and without handles to conveniently carry both hot and cold items. We are providing you with an innovative idea of cartoon-printed handles that will attract your kids as well. 

For colour combinations, we are incredibly bold and creative as we love to play with colors. We make perfectly embellished and sturdy Chinese takeout boxes that will work great for making your name in the food business.  

Eco-friendly & Recyclable Construction 

Wabs print contributes its part in keeping the environment green and healthy by creating these takeout boxes recyclable and eco-friendly. You can make several flowers, baskets, or anything using your creativity to use the Chinese takeout box. 

Resistant to Atmospheric Changes

These takeaway boxes are resistant to atmospheric changes that make them distinguishable from several other takeout boxes. Food products and essentials need protection against heat, moisture, and dust. Our custom Chinese takeaway box is biodegradable as we cannot play with our customer’s trust and health. All these distinguishing features make them the best choice for serving food in it directly. 

Why Choose Wabs Print and Packaging to buy Chinese Takeaway Boxes?

Wabs print is always willing to promote your business by putting its maximum effort into the construction of a variety of boxes that you can optimize in various ways. It straightforwardly gives your brand a mark in the market and you are known by your name. 

At Wabs print, we make different boxes, and for getting the best custom Chinese takeaway boxes to contact us immediately and get all the customization done on your demand. We not only care for our customers but also care for the environment as we always use biodegradable material for creating these takeout boxes. 

We assure you that you will have a wonderful experience while working with us. Because our hardworking and determined team works for the benefit of our customers. We can customize the printing, colours, and designs according to your choice.

Wabs Print offers you the Chinese takeaway boxes for your favourite takeaway food items. These boxes are totally customized to carry paper cups and other handy utensils such as chopsticks, spoons, paper plates, etc. These unique custom packaging Chinese food takeaway box provide you with an elegant look for gifting purposes. We design our Chinese carry-outs in such a proficient way that preserves the taste and freshness of the food for a long time.

Our Services

Wabs Print & Packaging believes in delivering your boxes always on time. Our production team starts manufacturing and printing your order to provide it to you within the decided time to avoid any issues afterwards. We take time measurements very seriously, it could be an insult for us if the consignment is delivered late to the customer due to any problem from our side. Wabs Print offers you the lowest and market competitive price so that it remains in the affordability range of the customer. And we should be able to do business again with our clients. We believe in doing so the customer’s total cost of the product should remain low so that they can enjoy more savings.

Enlist your all requirements for your custom Chinese takeaway food box and our experienced team of designers will help you to make your business stand out in the competitive market. With the wide range of our multiple designs and new technical printing techniques, we will provide you with the product exactly according to your specifications. Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority and this core value made us the best packaging industry in the competitive business hub. We also deal with your short-run orders with the finest quality. For more information about our packaging supplies, reach us at!

Need Our Help?

For contacting us or for quick assistance you can contact us on our customer care service as we are 24/7 available for all of you. You will get an email from our customer care after we receive your query. Best services are always guaranteed. You can also contact us if you are looking for products other than to buy custom-made Chinese takeaway boxes. 

You can fill the quote form in detail and attach your design as well to get the accurate price for your custom box packaging. Our representative will get back to you with the lowest quote within a business day.

Feel free to contact us, share your plans and then watch your dream packaging in making. You can reach us for placing orders and for getting answers to all of your queries regarding Wabs Print & Packaging and customized Chinese takeaway containers. 

We also deal in all customized Box designs

Apart from buying Chinese takeaway box, you can also, check out another food packaging 

Chocolate Boxes

Unique Chocolate Packaging Boxes

Chocolate, A mouth-water product. No person in this world doesn’t like chocolate items. People of every age, especially children and adults, are fond of eating yummy chocolate. Chocolate comes in different colours as they might be dark or light and milky white and in different tastes enriched with dry fruits and raisins that improve the flavour and attraction with chocolate box. It Gets more desirable when it comes in Custom chocolate boxes. When it comes to chocolate box packaging it should be verified that chocolate doesn’t loss its volume and keep the temperature to maintain it’s the original form.

Chocolate is related to the symbol of love, care, passion, sweetness, and happiness. Almost people of all ages, especially adults and children, love this dark sweet. People serve it as a festive gift for their loved ones with elegant custom Chocolate boxes. Chocolate is loved generally and revered for food. Therefore, this is one of the most esteemed gifts. We offer you the premium quality of unique chocolate packaging box design in attractive designs crafted with lovely colours and perfect glaze.

A Premium Chocolate Boxes manufacture

Wabs Print & Packaging is the UK’s premier custom packaging box manufacturer and wholesaler for chocolate packaging box design. Our wide range variety of wrapping box is suitable for both retail or publicity use. As a professional, we offer premium quality food packaging. However, adorable wrapping is our specialty. These packaging boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. You can freely plan and draft your boxes according to your requirements.

We have been dealing with the market as suppliers, retailers, and producers for achieving the best market results, especially we deeply understand the basic needs of your product items. Our design containers keeping in view modern fashion and trends. To provide a special cardboard diabetic chocolate box with classic designs and specifications to deliver you more quality and variety for different flavours of chocolate. If you want to display your product correctly at highly cost-effective amounts, then Wabs Print is the best place for you. We have the experience to deliver perfection in our various custom boxes.

Excellent Status for Customer Service

Our character for excellent customer service is based on a keenness to working untiringly to make the design process or purchasing packaging easy whereas valuing our esteemed customer. This promise is matched by a capacity to supply items from standard within one working day of order for UK clients with free shipping and 5-7 working days for Europe. It has facilitated many clients to grow without requiring to carry high levels of stock.

Wabs Print & Packaging offers a collection of custom chocolate containers held on the ledge, ready for next-day delivery.

Expertise in Unique Chocolate Packaging

We keenly know about the box packing very well – both in terms of stock items and modified manufacturing also make the product more attractive on shelve and racks for display – this has facilitated us to grow both packaging and a supply system that offer supreme quality, worth and in short times.

Packaging for Every Season or Occasion

We offer a vast range of elementary and versatile packing and continuously add advanced and imaginative designs throughout the year to balance the tradition and to exist. In addition, we offer to package designed especially for the season within confectionery and gifting like Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding, Easter & Christmas.

You can also provide all the specifications to our professional designers. We will manufacture the same product as you imagined for your chocolate gift baskets. We promise you to offers the best price, timely delivery with premium quality regarding your chocolate boxes.

Versatile Gift Boxes and Retail Packaging

Wabs Print & Packaging offer the multipurpose packing and can be used to package product such as gift purpose, cupcakes, chocolate candies, retailer wrapping to display on shelve and racks, and other food products. For special events like Valentine’s day, birthdays,s and weddings, the heart-shaped small chocolate gift box may deliver for instance.

The Christmas small chocolate gift box with the images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, red and green colours are also provided.

Printed Custom chocolate boxes

Chocolate packaging containers can be printed with your brand name and logos. Chocolate box packaging must be printed with the manufacturing and expiry date information. The flavour of chocolate is essential to be published also. The quantity, nutritional facts, or weight must be printed. Some products that need printing include signs such as Halal and Kosher, which relate to Muslims and Jews, respectively, which helps whether the products are safe or not for them according to their religion.

Chocolate boxes the UK can print with the details regarding the ingredients contain nutritional statistics & etc. If the chocolate is healthy and has ordinary ingredients write this fact visibly on the wrapping box to encourage people to purchase the product. With the written ingredient’s customers will know whether the products are good or not for them. Any health warnings issue such as diabetic problem must be noted, diabetes patient. These details make customer’s attention towards these chocolates as they know precisely before ordering what they are purchasing and they will not feel guilty about their choice.

Chocolate box can also print even promotional details stated. So comprise those points that will make people attracted toward the products to buy them.

Eco-friendly Boxes

These boxes offer eco-friendly behavior, produced with ecological, biodegradable material known as Eco-Friendly boxes. The people who love nature and the green environment used this ideal box to save the earth’s atmosphere. Eco-friendly boxes are highly suitable for Foody items and highly recommend and appreciated by FSC (Food Safety Consortium. Eco-friendly box life is about 3 to 6 months and is often an expensive item as of standard boxes. These customs recycle packages are best to pack your small and large products perfectly. The material used for recycling boxes provides strength and gives an eye-catching look to grab consumers’ concentration.

Design Custom chocolate boxes

You can your chocolate box with creative artwork on the box which must be made gorgeously and exclusively so that they attract a buyer. Our simple, Cheap chocolate boxes can stand out on shelve or racks. Personalized chocolate box packaging for kids’ chocolates will draw the eyes of individuals if they are cheerful and have animation characters. On Events Like Valentine’s Day, Halloween party, Christmas, etc Unique wrapping designs can be created for brands.

Why choose Wabs Print

Wabs Print is a well-known brand of packaging in the UK. Wabs Print & Packaging offers chocolate box wrapping very attractively and enhances the fascination & glamour. If you want to present your product in a well-mannered way at highly cost-effective prices, Wabs Print is the best place for you. We have enough experience to deliver perfection in our assorted high-quality boxes.
Wabs Print & Packaging also offers If you buy chocolate boxes in bulk quantities, you can take advantage of packages and save money. This is because bulk quantities are often cheaper to get.

We feel proud to manufacture and design such chocolate containers, which results from professional skill and diligence. Our team of professionals manufactures your product packaging with the same commitments and distinct designs as you writhed. It will make your product prominent on retail shelves. Contact us at!

Cigarette Boxes

Regardless of how much the government endeavours to stop people from devouring tobacco and forbid smoking, cigarette utilization among individuals of any age keeps on rising in volume and number. Consistently new cigarette brands are originating in the market. One of the major appeals of these new brands is their packaging. Cigarette Boxes are now very customizable. They come in with various style varieties and printing choices. Foil coats, embossing, metallic labels are new attractions in the packaging options of this product.

Cigarette Boxes do a complete job of both ensuring the protection of the delicate cigarettes and also making the packaging look alluring to the smokers that at last influences their decisions of purchasing them. These Custom Cigarette Boxes are developed from fine material and thin cardboard that is coupled with foil paper that makes an airtight seal around the cigarettes filled with tobacco in them and prolongs their shelf life.  The other extraordinary quality these custom cigarette boxes have is great quality printing and appealing designs that attracts smokers to purchase your product.

Wabs Print is an expert in the industry of custom packaging boxes for numerous kinds of products. Building upon the legacy, we offer you great specialities in the production of custom cigarette boxes. We manufacture high-quality cigarette boxes for single packet packaging and multiple packet packaging as well. Adjust your cigarette box size according to your cigarette product size.

Cigarette manufacturers always look for the best wholesale cigarette boxes that don’t minimize their profit ratio. We are the leading industry in providing every type of packaging boxes with unique styles and designs. Our superior and well-managed manufacturing and distribution channels allow us to provide top-level wholesale offers that aim to maximize our client’s profits in the best way possible.

Our experts use very fine quality cardboard that is thin and light and also perfect enough to help you to protect the real taste of the product inside the box. We promise you the outstanding sales boom of your product in the market by offering our quality packaging services. our highly skilled is always available to catch you up at!

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Coffee Boxes

Coffee beans provide a blend of various flavours, which produce a range of sensory feelings. The sensory profile of a cup of coffee differs according to several aspects: the type and blend of beans; and the preparation method. The variation will impact the overall sensory feelings obtained from a cup of coffee. A good quality Coffee needs best quality coffee boxes and Wabs Print and Packaging is one of best platform for Coffee box in the UK. You can also get coffee gift box if you want to share some top quality coffee with friends and family.

Coffee is one of the most gentle food products, which is likely to damage if shown to the environmental toxins. Coffee comes in different colours, as they might be dark or light, and milky white beans and in different tastes enriched with flavours that improve the taste of coffee. To keep the taste, aroma and delicious fragrance of the coffee, the packaging boxes for coffee are made double-layered. Custom printed coffee packaging boxes are made with food-grade material and cardboard material, printed with different colour shades.

Being the most gentle food product and widely drunk, the special coffee boxes are made for packing the coffee beans. The coffee box packaging is designed to pack the coffee for retail sale to maintain the taste, specific aroma, and delicious fragrance of the coffee beans for the lovers of the coffee who love its taste.

Cardboard coffee packaging

Cardboard coffee packaging boxes offered by wabs Print & Packaging are used to preserve the coffee beans in the double-layered, thin, food-grade material and lightweight cardboard material. The outer layer is generally of coffee gift box made with food-grade cardboard stuff. In contrast, the inner layer is made with delicate and soft synthetic Vinyl plastic or metal foil material for custom packaging. The double-layered coffee packaging boxes are used to protect the coffee beans from environmental hazards and extreme weather conditions, such as dust, humidity, heat, smoke, chemical vapours and other industrial toxic waste.

A Premium Quality Coffee Boxes manufacture

Wabs Print & Packaging is the UK’s dealing with premium custom packaging box manufacturer and wholesaler for Coffee beans packaging. Our vast range of packaging boxes suitable for retail marketing or publicity use. As a professional designer, we offer premium quality food-grade packaging materials. These packaging boxes are available in different shapes, colours and sizes. You can freely plan and customize your coffee boxes according to your requirements and also for special coffee gift box.


We have been dealing with the packaging market as suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers for achieving the best results, especially when it comes to the sales of our respected clients. We keenly understand the basic needs and requirements of your beans. We design coffee boxes keeping in view modern fashions and trends. We provide special cardboard boxes with classic designs and specifications to deliver you more quality and variety for different flavours of coffee. If you want to show your product properly at a highly reasonable cost, then Wabs Print & Packaging is the best platform for you. We have the experience to deliver perfection in our various coffee boxes.

Printed Coffee Packaging boxes

Coffee gift box can be printed with your brand name and logos. Coffee box packaging can be printed with the manufacturing and expiry date info. The flavour of Coffee beans is essential to be printed also. Must print quantity, nutritional facts, or weight. Some products need printing signs such as Halal and Kosher, related to Muslims and Jews, respectively, which helps them either be safe or not according to their religious views.

Wabs Print & Packaging provide you with all these printing facilities for your Coffee boxes. We offer printing services with the details regarding the ingredients contained and nutritional statistics etc. If the coffee is healthy and has ordinary ingredients, print this fact on the packaging box to encourage people to buy your product. Customers will know whether these products are good or not for them with the written ingredients and flavours. 

Any health warnings issue such as diabetic problems must be printed for diabetes patients. These details make customer’s attention towards the product as they know quietly before purchasing and later, they will not feel guilty about their choice.

Coffee box packaging can also print even promotional details stated. So, include those points that will make people attracted to your products.

Expertise in Coffee Packaging

We better know about the Coffee packaging boxes in terms of stock items and modifications also make your product more attractive and eye-catching on shelves and racks for showcasing purposes, which has helped us grow both packaging and a supply system that offers supreme quality in short times.

Our team of professional’s designers manufactures packaging boxes for your products according to your needs and desires. It makes your Coffee beans prominent on retail shelves. 

Eco-friendly Boxes

Wabs Print & Packaging offers eco-friendly recyclable boxes created with ecological, biodegradable material known as nature-friendly boxes. The people who love nature and the green atmosphere used this perfect box to save the earth’s atmosphere. Eco-friendly boxes are highly suitable for Foody items and highly recommended and appreciated by FSC (Food Safety Consortium). Eco-friendly box life is about 5 to 6 months and an expensive item as of standard boxes. However, the material used for recycling boxes provides strength and gives an eye-catching look and grabs the consumer’s attention.

Go Green and choose the Eco-friendly Boxes for your Coffee Beans.

Coffee Lovers Gift Boxes

Wabs Print & Packaging offer the multipurpose packaging and can be used to package products such as gift purpose for your loved one. Treat a coffee lover with unique & rare coffees gift boxes. Personalized box with your passion message for all events and occasions. All the coffees boxes are speciality grade meaning they’re of the highest quality, free of defects, rare & unique. For special events like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and weddings, the heart-shaped small coffee gift boxes may deliver for instance. These boxes are Great to treat yourself or to send as a gift.

Also provided Christmas small gift boxes with the images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, red and green colours.


Custom Coffee boxes provided by Wabs Print & Packaging with creative artwork make it attractive so that they attract the customers—personalize your own coffee boxes with creative artwork on the boxes. Our simple packaging boxes can make your coffee beans stand out on shelves or racks in the retail shop. In addition, personalized coffee box packaging will draw the eyes of individuals. You can create unique packaging designs for brands for different events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or retail packaging etc.

Why choose Wabs Print to buy Coffee Box in the UK?

Wabs Print & Packaging is a well-known packaging company in the UK market. Wabs Print & Packaging offers Coffee packaging boxes very attractively that enhances the fascination & glamour of coffee beans. If you want to promote your product in a well-mannered way at highly cost-effective prices, Wabs Print & Packaging is the best platform for you. We have much experience in the field of Printing and packaging to deliver with perfection in our assorted Coffee boxes.

Wabs Print & Packaging also offers you to buy Coffee box in the UK in bulk quantities; by this, you can take advantage of packages and save money because bulk quantities are often cheaper to get. 

We feel proud to design such Coffee boxes, which are the result of our professional skills and services. Our team of professional’s designers manufactures packaging boxes for your products according to your needs and desires. It makes your Coffee beans prominent on retail shelves. 

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Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are one of the widely used boxes all over the world. Due to the reliability and durability of these boxes, they are the first choice for the transportation of many export and import products. We at Wabs Print offer you Corrugated boxes available in all shapes and designs to fit with your product requirements. You can also add Extra protective slits, fencing, and cushion sleeves to enable the boxes to carry fragile items. They are the best fit as a product carrier and preserves your items in your storage rooms. People usually use them in offices and in retail businesses.

Wabs Print has vast experience in manufacturing, packaging, and rendering services to a wide range of clients in the business hub.  We know exactly what your specified product actually needs. Give us your requirements and we will deliver the most appropriate corrugated boxes by using our latest printing and designing techniques. You can have design of any kind or of your choice. Pictures of your choice or of any celebrity or famous artist of upcoming movies can also be printed. We prefer to use top-notch materials in the production process of corrugated shipping boxes. Usually, customers from supermarkets and bulk manufacturers use corrugate packaging boxes in bulk orders to fulfill their needs. We deliver the super finest quality of corrugated boxes to our esteemed clients. We offer you such respective quality at very economical prices. Our skilled team along with advanced equipment are able to provide you with endless options of designs and color schemes and a variety of materials like cardboard, plastic, or hardboard.

Wabs Print is delighted to provide you with the most suitable solutions for your packaging problems.


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Cream Boxes

It is in women’s DNA to be attracted to colors and light. Wabs Print & Packaging works to present you cream storage box that tantalize your customers. Our customized cream storage box are remarkable to attract the market. We warmly offer plentiful custom designs, prints, and add-on choices to design packaging boxes for cream. Cosmetic products specifically creams need to have a charming appearance for the target market. We aim to promote your product by providing our custom cream boxes with refined printing and keen expertise. To be a major source of attraction, we understand the criteria of cosmetic packaging boxes with appropriate color schemes and designs. We always provide a promotional element through our packaging boxes designs. Our experts use different printing techniques for custom cream packaging boxes with digital and offset printing to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our cream packaging boxes wholesale deals with anti-aging, herbal, cleansing, or other cosmetics of different sizes and shapes. we use foil enhancements, embossing, and quality material with an appealing printing display to prominent your variety to catch customer’s eye. The custom printed cream box is ideal to use for face and hand creams, serums, moisturizers, and body butters as well.

Our team is very detailed in a speedy response to your orders, curies, and quick delivery with perfect execution. Keeping in order our custom size and style, we offer graphic support, no die and plate charges, and quick turnover to our customers. We also offer you beautiful cream box designs for your face, body, bleach and whitening products. With a skillful team of designers, Wabs Print accepts orders in varying quantities, we encourage you to go for a custom printed cream packaging box to make a profitable investment and getting the highest peak in your business. Get your custom cream packaging boxes with logo, sizes, and different layouts. We also provide secure packaging along with its visually mesmerizing look for gaining customers.

We have been making progress by packing such dream boxes up to the mark. Contact us now to avail well-designed cream packaging boxes at cost-effective rates as just you want.

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