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Buy Online Kraft Gift Boxes at Wholesale in the UK

Wabs Print & Packaging offers custom Printed Kraft box at wholesale in the UK. These are extremely affordable, and the paper is tear-resistant makes them very attractive in addition you can also use Brown kraft gift boxes. Wabs Print and Packaging also offers kraft box with window.

The main resource material is made from old paper stocks or pinewood pulp. You have many options when it comes to what you can put in this box.

You can put all your Add-ons in one box. Kraft’s strong paper can easily hold all your print embellishments. Wabs Print & Packaging is skilled at this and providing packaging solutions in the UK for a long time.

Since years past, this box has dominated the packaging industry.

Because of its brown colour, so this type of cardboard is often associated with cardboard shipping containers that lack style, personality, or elegance that lack style, customization, or elegance.


Kraft gift boxes at wholesale in the UK, are still picked by many businesses. They are the perfect tool for creating innovative branding strategies. They are made of 100% recycled materials, which is just the icing on the cake.

Kraft box can be customized to be as beautiful or functional as you like.

Let’s take a look at the basics of this box to see where they are useful for you and your product.

kraft papers: An overview

What is this Paper? And how is it made?

Specifically, it is made of wood fibres called cellulose.

Among others, the lignin that binds the fibres together also provides them with kraft paper.

Many people are unaware that paper is not naturally white. It’s actually brown. It must be bleached in order to create a white paper.

What is the beauty of Kraft paper? It has unbleached pulp. This means it is the purest paper and completely free of chlorine. It doesn’t need to have any processing to get its beautiful brown colour.

Bleaching is a chemical process. As such, the paper must undergo fewer steps to become more eco-friendly.

Brown paper box: Why are so Great!

Kraft paper can be used for more than just environmental reasons.

What does all this mean? First, it means that you can be proud of your company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

What is it and why? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Made from 100% recycled material

Although virgin Kraft Paper is made from unbleached pulp directly,  Box is made from Recycled Paper. Our paperboard is 100% recycled post-consumer material.

You contribute to the recycling industry around the world.

2. Not coated

Kraft paper is less processed than other papers, so it has a rough texture and can’t be coated or laminated easily.

Is this a good thing? Because laminates and coatings are difficult to separate from the paper, it makes recycling even more complicated. Kraft box, being uncoated, along with eco-friendly.

3. 100% recyclable Wholesale Gift Boxes

Kraft boxes are the closest thing to nature. This box is free from any coatings so they don’t produce harmful residues. You can be proud that your packaging is 100% environmentally friendly thanks to the organic certified inks used for printing and 100% safe to use Brown Kraft paper food boxes.

So why should you be concerned about being environmentally friendly? It leads to more sales and long-term customers.

People are becoming more conscious of plastics and other non-recyclable packaging. It is becoming increasingly important to use eco-friendly packaging such as Brown Kraft paper food boxes.

Wholesale Gift Boxes allows you to shoot multiple birds simultaneously: it’s eco-friendly, less expensive, has more sales, and has happier customers. This allows you to make more money, and your products reach more people. It also helps you achieve your goals.

4. Durable and strong.

Kraft paper can be used as card stock but is not coated. Because it’s thick (18-points thick), kraft paper resists moisture and intense handling.

The rough texture protects against scratches and chafing.

These are ideal for heavy items like mugs, candles, or other beverage items.

It is obvious that fragile items, such as jewellery or skincare products, like small glass jars and dropper bottles of beauty products, will also be protected.

A natural look that you can customize however you like

Kraft box work well with any product, contrary to popular belief. Many of our clients are in the handmade industry. We have clients who make soap and other homemade products. Kraft gift boxes or kraft box with window at wholesale is hot!

Kraft box is the best choice if you want a natural, organic look for your packaging. The visible wood fibre and the recycled papers flecks give the paper a rustic, textured appearance that speaks authenticity.


You can Customize the Box

Absolutely! Even if you think the kraft carton itself is not good, there are many ways to personalize these boxes. We don’t know where to begin. You can use the blank box with minimal labels or add gold foils, bright colors and cutouts to customize them.

Let’s see what you can do with this gorgeous paperboard.

Custom Labels and Budget-friendly

This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to package your products. It works for all industries. We have produced these boxes for grooming products for men in some of the most profitable industries.

This rough country style is perfect for an effortless, strong masculine look without too much fussiness. It is sturdy, protects your product, and does the job. You can also personalize it with labels that contain information along with the brand’s logo.

Large Uses

Kraft boxes are used in almost all industries. Here are some examples of uses.

  • Display Box
  • Custom Jewelry Cases
  • Bakery Packaging
  • Shoe packaging
  • Apparel Packaging
  • Gift-Boxes
  • Brown Kraft Paper Food Boxes
  •  Lid-box

Wabs Print & packaging offers all custom kraft packaging options. We offer a variety of Kraft Bags that can be used in all business sectors.

Printed box – black and full-colour printing

You can get kraft gift boxes at wholesale in the UK printed in full colour! They’re not just boring, brown paper. You should consider a few points when printing on paper. We will touch on them further in this article.

Let’s take a hike at Kraft box with colour printing.

Mainly there are three methods to print on papers:

1. Black printing

It doesn’t take much to explain the black print: it is bold and powerful and looks great in all designs.

2. Print full-colour

This kraft printing option requires regular CMYK print processes. You can still see the fibres through the ink. This is great if you are looking for an organic, natural look.

3. Vivid colours with white ink substrate

You can print white ink behind any areas you would like the colour to stand out. The white ink blocks the brown texture of the paperboard and makes it blend better with the coloured ink. The brown kraft texture will be visible in the rest of the areas.

4. Printing Process

Different printing processes are required to print white ink on Kraft paper. Not all paper manufacturers can achieve this look.

Wabs Print & Packaging was among the first to offer an all-white finish. It is highly sought-after and extremely successful.

Comfort customization

We can help you with whatever packaging requirements your product may have. We offer a bespoke service for kraft packaging that is skilled and capable.

Our manufacturing processes are efficient and we can produce the most current kraft wrappings. These boxes can be made in any design or dimension. We can customize the box to meet your needs for display selling and procurement also can manufacture kraft box with window for you.

With a high level of aptitude, we know Kraft art. You have many printing options. You can choose the colours that you like according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Send us your selection and we’ll give you the best solution, either by screen printing or CMYK. So, we offer you the best solutions for Kraft Paper Packaging and Wholesale in the UK, quickly and easily.


The boxes are very eco-friendly.

Make use of them to help the environment. Kraft paper box is completely recyclable. You can take them with you and use them efficiently.

Wabs Print & packaging manufactures and supplies bulk Kraft storage or wholesale gift boxes. Our clients also get free design support. One-window manufacturing capabilities provide packaging solutions in a quick time frame and reasonable pricing.

Available with cutouts or inserts

You might have thought that that’s all with the Kraft box or kraft box with window . They’re brown, look natural, and cost a fraction of the price.

Guess what? Kraft boxes with cutouts are our best-selling product!

Get it now!

Why do you need to cut out a box?

These are just a few of the reasons.

  • You can show your customers the product in cutouts. You can use this to protect and display a variety of products including soaps, body care, baking goods, toys, and any other product.
  • Cutouts let your customers smell the product. Cutouts can be used to create sensory experiences for customers who purchase kraft soapbox or wholesale gift boxes, or products with fragrances. By doing this, you can help your customers make faster purchasing decisions.
  • You can add style and variety to your packaging with cutouts. As I mentioned above, any extra detail you can put into your packaging can add value. A box with cutouts, as opposed to a basic box, shows your commitment to providing the best customer experience.
  • You can tell your brand’s story with cutouts and make it easy to remember. Your brand can be made unique cutouts for wholesale gift boxes. Instead of sticking with rectangular or circular cutouts, we can create a custom cutout to match your logo, pattern, or other elements that are part of your brand. This will let you know that the cutout is yours every time someone looks at it.

Wabs Print & Packaging Premium Services

We’re always prepared to satisfy your orders by providing top-notch products in exchange for an extremely small sum you can’t find any place in the market. This has been our aim since day one: provide the cheapest packaging solutions to each client no matter how large or small the order is. We understand your order requirements and send them efficiently, again kraft box with window is also available as per your demand.

Wabs Printing turned into a massive name in the realm of manufacturing. Our customer base includes companies belonging to different businesses. Printing is a difficult task. Our staff believes in taking on the challenges. We funded badly in our production factory and human source to provide you Kraft gift boxes or brown Kraft paper food boxes at wholesale prices in the UK. You may place complicated additions to printing.

We give you the printing value that you want. We are more than proficient at meeting your printing demands. Ordering is simple and convenient. The procedure requires a couple of minutes only. Fill in the quotation form details placed on the website and get at wholesale in the UK or if you demand for kraft box with window better talk to us on call or Whatsapp number provided on the website.

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Recycled Boxes

Recycled Boxes at cheap price in the UK by Wabs Print & Packaging

Recycled boxes are a very important packaging item relating to retail marketing these packaging are utilized for providing the best quality of material on demands placed for delivery. A Recycling box is known for its rugged surface that gives good protection to your items. When it comes to recycling storage boxes we are one of the leading suppliers in the UK to buy cheap Recycling Box Packaging in the  UK. You can also send us your own personal designed recycle box.

These can be customized in different options for easy handling with the string of your product. Sale your product proudly with the protection of such recycle box. which is produced with ecological biodegradable material, is known as Eco-Friendly packaging.

Most of the brands also Buy recycled Packaging.

Feel the moment when you picked up your iPhone! Taking off the apparent PVC plastic sheet seal and feeling the sleek white box? By touching the velvety matte box for the first time you already felt the importance, quality & significance of this electronic device. This is no coincidence! Apple exactly strategized how they were going to pack their product to line up with their branding of providing top-of-the-product modernization & customer experience!

It is obvious that packaging plays an important role in the superficial value of a product. The packaging industry really changed too much in the last few years, as constant innovations made in portable technology. There are many packaging box choices available in today’s market, it often becomes more difficult to choose the most accurate packaging for your items. Let’s take a brief description of some of the different types of packaging options that you can use to enhance your product & customer experience!

Eco-friend Box

The box which is produced with ecological biodegradable material is known as an Eco-Friendly box. The people who love nature and the green environment used this ideal box to save the earth’s environment. Eco-friendly box life is about 3 to 6 months and often expensive items as of standard box. A Custom recycle box is best to perfectly pack your small and large products. The material used for recycling boxes provides strength, also gives an eye-catching look to grab consumer’s concentration.

Recycled Paperboard box

Paperboard is a kraft paper material that is lightweight and strong. It can be easily slashed and manipulated to create custom design shapes and structures. These qualities make it best to be used in modified packaging. It is made by turning fibrous materials that come from tree wood or recycled waste paper into pulp and bleaching it later. Paperboard packaging comes in various quality grades, select suitable for different packaging requirements.

Corrugated recycled boxes

The corrugated box refers to what is usually known as Cardboard which is produced for the large shipping, shoe & storage box they also come in many types depending on the demand of the box which consists of three layers, an outer layer, an inside layer, and a corrugated medium (known as fluting). The corrugated medium gives it rigidity and strength.

The raw material used for the construction is recycled paper, made on high-precision machinery. These types of board material can be used again and recycled again and again as pulp fibre. Corrugated boards are of various types like twin walls, triple walls, single-faced, and double-faced. The board is cut and shaped into many different sizes and forms. Corrugated board packaging includes retail packaging, pizza delivery box, fast food items, and so forth.

Rigid Recycled box

I am sure that you always wonder about the type of packaging box used for luxury items like iPhones, Apple gadgets, Rolex accessories, or other luxury retail items. You note that it’s a type of cardboard but weren’t sure because of its smooth velvety, durable, and premium look. This type of box material is known as a rigid box.

A rigid box is made up of highly condensed ecology paperboard material that is four times thicker than the standard paperboard and can be recycled. The easiest example of rigid is the box that electronics devices hold like Apple’s gadgets, which are the two-piece setup of this sort of packaging.

Compared to a paperboard box, the rigid box is absolutely among the most luxurious box styles, and it’s more expensive than a standard cardboard box.

The rigid box does not require dies that are expensive machinery and are often handmade products. These are usually used in merchandising cosmetics, electronics devices, jewellery, technology, and other luxurious items. It is easy to add features such as windows, cover, compartments, and embossing in a rigid box.

Different designs are available at Wabs Print and Packaging to make your product more eye-catching and give a unique look on the retail racks and shelves. Our professional designer helps you to design the recycle box with the window pan perfectly according to your demand.

Buy Customized cheap Recycled Boxes in the UK by Wabs Print

Facing difficulty in deciding design for your custom recycled box? Finding any perfect platform for printed or customized. Wabs Print and Packaging is here to welcome you. Our aesthetic skills and design services will surely amaze you.

You can customize your Recycle box in shape, size, colour, and design from Wabs print. You just tell us about the requirements of the box you are desire so that we can make a free sample for you and amuse you with our passionate skills for your recycling storage boxes.

Why Choose Wabs Print & Packaging to buy cheap Recycling box?

As Wabs print is one of the most renowned customized printing and box brands, famous for providing cheap Recycled boxes in the UK. We are building our name in different regions of the world with the help of our hardworking, responsible, and determined team. We offer free deliveries along with highly affordable customized products. Our after-sale services are only for our customer’s satisfaction regarding recycling storage boxes and other packaging boxes.

You can reach us 24/7 by contacting our customer care service. We will promptly get in touch with you after receiving your query. You can also check our other products by visiting our website. We offer a wide range of custom corrugated, cardboard, and recycling storage boxes that we are selling throughout the world. Contact us at


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