Woven Tags

Woven Tags

Custom Printed Woven Tags

Wabs Print & Packaging has over 600 colors available to customize premium woven tags. The majority of the woven tags can be used as designer clothing labels. The weaving images and writings look amazing thanks to our wide range of vivid colors and ultra-thin threads.

You can choose from Loop Fold, Centre Fold, and Manhattan Fold options. Our Woven tags can be used by fashion brands, clubs, sporting groups, and for kit and equipment. We are available to offer expert advice if you have any questions about your Woven Label design.

For many years, we have been creating designer woven tag. This is our specialty and it is something that we share with our customers who are designer brands. We can customize woven tags for any design specifications, including color, width, length, and text, to create a unique woven tag.

The woven tag is the final and most important finishing touch to your design. This tag will remain on your design right from the beginning. It is also the only thing that sets your design apart from other designers. For help designing your woven clothing Label. Tags position of your product is important as it will affect the appearance and size of your label.

Contrasting colors will allow you to clearly show the details on labels. Consider using contrasting colors such as white on black and black on red, among other colors. You might not want to use the same colors like white on black or light yellow white on white. This is a bad idea, as most woven brands are only meant to showcase your brand. If you enter too much information, you can distract your customers because they won’t be able to focus on your brand down to the smallest detail.

All personalized Woven tags can be purchased at very competitive prices. We can help you create your custom woven designer tags. All orders qualify for free shipping.

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