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Blank Shoe Tags

Blank Shoe tags are swing tags attached to Shoe products, usually printed with the basic information about the item—size, colour, price, brand, and instructions on using them. Brand information can all be printed on the Shoe hang tags. Shoe tag is an influential weapon in the battleground of promotion.

Europe is the leading area where it comes to the usage of tags. These Shoe hangtags or custom hang tags are best and help you and your brand in various methods.

If you belong to the shoe industry and have a shoe store and want to tag your shoes, then the shoes hang tags are best. We have a range of Shoe tags designed specifically for shoe products and have similar shapes and different materials. The blank shoe tags can be printed in many shapes where die-cut enables us to print the tags in any shape related to your shoes, while the custom one allows having your logo and any text printed on the tag. Wabs Print also offers different standard shapes, including circle, square, and rectangle.

Protection with Lamination work

The shoe tags can be printed on different materials like paper, cardboard, and vinyl. The shoe tags printed from cardboard material have rigidity which means they can withstand wear and tear. At the same time, the vinyl material provides transparency as well as waterproofing properties.

Stand out on the rack.

Some products, like garments, can easily get lost on the racks and mix up sizes and colors. Having a distinguishing hangtag that’s intentionally attached to your product can make it stand out on the racks. A distinguishing logo, elegant color designs, or unique shape; these properties draw attention, and as a result, make your product stand customers.

Protection with Lamination work

For the protection of these tags, it is necessary to cover them with a thin plastic lamination. Wabs Print will surely provide all the tags with complete plastic lamination work and quality guaranteed products. Lamination work protects these printed Shoes hang tags from, Aqueous UV rays, heat, and thrilling weather. 

Various laminations work like glossy, shiny, dull matte, traditional silk, spot UV, and aqueous that Wabs Prints offer. All of them will assist in sustaining the printed content on the box. But we will only apply that one which you will choose for printed Shoe tags. 

Eco-friendly & Recyclable Material 

Wabs Print & Packaging contributes to keeping the atmosphere naturally green and healthy by providing these Shoe hang tags in the UK that are recyclables and eco-friendly. These hang tags, and personalised blank shoe tags are produced with highly biodegradable ecological material, which is human-friendly and nature friendly. These custom tags are 100% recyclable.

Go green and choose recyclable tags from Wabs Print & Packaging stock that care for the planet while looking modern and perfect!

Keep customers in touch with your brand.

Using a hangtag to create a brand’s story, let customers become attached to your brand, and stand in the sense of faithfulness. 

Explain your mission and fair-trade strategy on a hangtag, allowing customers to feel part of something superior. People nowadays are more naturally brand conscious and are willing to pay extra if there’s a good reason!

Why Choose Wabs Print & Packaging?

Wabs print is one of the most well-known for printing and packaging custom blank shoe tags in the UK.

Wabs Print can print the blank shoe tags in different shapes, including the traditional ones like square, circle, and rectangle. We offer custom options that let you print any text on the tags, and die-cut tags can have any shape you like.

Blank shoe tags printed by us have full colours, which means you will be able to have them printed with your desired colours and images on them. You can also choose to have your tags personalized by choosing options like embossing, stamping, and foiling in gold or silver. Our clients can also select from UV coating, which adds an extra layer of protection from scratches by adding a thin transparent layer.

Wabs Print also offers free of cost delivery of all orders, whether small or large, to any address all over the world.

Wabs Print and Packaging is well organized with its quality services appreciated in many countries with our passionate, hardworking, responsible, and strong-minded team.

We offer free shipping along with highly reasonable customized products.

We also offer after-sale services for our customer’s satisfaction.

You can reach us 24/7 by communicating with our customer care service regarding Shoe hang tags in the UK. We will sharply get in touch with you after getting your inquiry. You can also check our other packaging products by visiting our website as there is a wide range of custom cardboard, corrugated, and eco-friendly boxes that we are selling worldwide. Contact us at

Wabs Print & Packaging helps you in all aspects of product packaging.