Carpet Stickers

Carpet Stickers

What are Carpet Stickers?

Stickers made from vinyl that adhere to low-pile carpets are called custom carpet sticker. These stickers can be used for branding purposes, advertising, trade shows, and other event purposes. They are thin but perfect for temporary use at 9.4mm (.009″) The protective overlaminate makes them slip-resistant, and they can withstand foot traffic for up 6 months.

Carpet decals are also called carpet graphics, carpet stickers or carpet stickers. Carpet stickers of good quality can be applied even to low pile carpets and rugs and can be removed without leaving behind adhesive it.

Surfaces compatible

Carpet stickers make a great graphic solution for carpet applications. They may not be compatible with all types of carpets. It is important to consider the intended flooring when buying a carpet sticker. Carpet stickers are only allowed to be applied to carpets that have a tight weave and a very short nap. Carpet graphics can only be applied to carpets with minimal texture. This is usually true for commercial carpets, but not residential carpets. Low pile rugs, as well as vehicle carpets or floor tiles, are common options for carpet stickers. For all carpets or rugs, the same principles apply. The installation surface must be small, tightly woven, minimal in texture, and should not exceed 10 cm. Carpet stickers should not be applied to non-porous surfaces. You can find floor decals here if you’re looking for something not for carpet. The decals for carpet will not work with hardwood, laminate or tile surfaces, or unsealed concrete surfaces.

Our carpet sticker is very easy to remove. It will not damage your carpet. Your carpet will be completely clean and there will be no residue or markings left.

All carpets are safe with the Carpet Matte sticker

Carpet Matte’s installation and removal is very simple

Carpet Matte is proud to offer a wide selection of pre-made designs that are free of charge

Carpet Matte sticks to all indoor hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, wood, rubber, and linoleum.

You can upload your own design with no extra costs

We have the best carpet sticker that can be printed at your home. To order these stickers, you can call the number and have them printed in any size and shape that you need. You may also email us or live chat with one of our CSRs. You can order them now and they will be delivered to your door.

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