Frosted Tags

Frosted Tags

Frosted/etched tags can be used to create the effects of frost or iced cubicles. Frosted/etched tags are equally popular in business and home products. They have been printed on semi-transparent Vinyl plastic with crystal clear effects. These tags can be used to label bottles, but they are also useful for architectural glass windows and doors. They may also be used to simulate snow outside in some places.

They are used in home products to create the impression of iced beverages and other products that have the cooling effects of cold foods.

Six different designs and types of frosted/etched tags are available. These include oval, rectangular, square, and Die-Cut. They can be made in any colour and any shape, and any size depending on the Customer’s Marketing plan.

Frosted/etched tags are printed on high-quality clear, semi-transparent Vinyl plastic material. Some tags are printed on white Vinyl or PVC plastic to create the crystal-iced effect. The colours used to print the text and images are in sharp combinations so they can be prominently displayed on a snowy background. The full, bright, shining, and glowing colours are used to make the images and text visible outdoors in snowy seasons.

To increase the product’s marketability, stamping and embossing are often used during printing. To give the impression of elegance and extravagance in high-end, luxury, and expensive products, tags may be printed with golden colours.

The cheap and high-quality tags are printed with great care and sent free to customers worldwide, regardless of size or weight.

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