Gold/Silver Mirror Stickers

Golden/Silver Hologram Sticker

Custom Golden/Silver Hologram Sticker

We offer a range of affordable Golden/Silver Hologram stickers. These can be customized with your company name, logo, and consecutive serial numbers. Holographic stickers are available in every size and shape.

With our striking hologram stickers in Golden/Silver, you have a wide range of creative options. The bold, electric colors and beautiful designs set the stage for some truly spectacular style. These stickers have a unique quality that complements your products and packaging in a very appealing way. They are commonly used on ID cards and retail goods for brand authenticity.

Security labels also known as golden/silver hologram stickers are highly effective in preventing fraud and theft on many items. These labels are impervious to tampering.

You can personalize hologram stickers or labels in gold/silver with a unique print. If not noted, holograms are impervious to tampering. The image will self-destruct if it is attempted to remove or reposition the label from the product/document. This security feature is also included.

This highly decorative film creates a mosaic-holographic effect. Only available in the removable adhesive. Wabs Print & Packaging recommends that you apply to flat, smooth surfaces. It is not recommended for use with low-energy surfaces. These Golden/Silver Hologram stickers or labels are printed with high-quality PMS & CMYK using eco-solvent inks that offer a level UV and scratch resistance.

Polyester labels are made with a selective release that leaves a pattern of honeycomb/VOID.

Wabs Print is a top custom sticker printing company in the UK. We offer high-quality sticker printing services not only in the UK but also in other countries. For custom sticker printing orders, you can contact us by phone or live chat. To get an instant quote, you can also fill out the contact form.

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