Chinese takeaway boxes

Chinese Takeaway Boxes

Chinese Takeaway Box

Food plays a dominant role as we serve it on various occasions and have it every day in our life. Just like healthy and appealing food, it is mandatory to have it in super attractive and safe boxes. Chinese takeaway boxes are one of the most used and most renowned Chinese takeout boxes and it is all for a good reason. Wabs Print and Packages offers its customers to buy Chinese takeaway boxes at cheap rates as compared to other providers. You’re free to add any sort of design Customization on your Chinese takeaway box.

There is a wide range of customization for the Chinese takeout boxes provide by Wabs Print. The material we used for the manufacturing of the boxes could be crafted, recycled in any shape, style, and size. To make it more attractive and mesmerizing the bold Chinese letters could be printed on the boxes along with different colour schemes.

To give your Chinese restaurant business a huge success make your signature food packaging boxes printed with your logo. The exclusive signature on Chinese takeaway boxes will seek the attention of Chinese food lovers and enhance the image of the restaurant.

Make your loved ones feel special with these takeaway favour boxes at the events like Easter and Christmas. The Chinese takeaway containers could be embellished with different decorative accessories like ribbons and paper flowers printed according to the theme of the event.

Why are Chinese Takeaway Boxes Famous?

 The majority of foodies prefer to get their mouth-watering food in Chinese takeout boxes for the following reasons:

  • Its compact and attractive design
  • Super handy structure
  • Allows long-term food storage without losing its freshness.
  • Food stored in it never changes its taste. 
  • Microwave-friendly
  • One can directly eat from it due to its wide opening.
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly construction
  • Also can be used as gift boxes for small products by using gift wraps

Customized Chinese Takeout Boxes

When you are into any business you want to make your brand recognition in the market. This can initially be done by customizing your displayable accessories with your brand’s name. These custom Chinese takeout boxes will benefit you in your food business. 

First, you have to decide your brand’s name and logo. And the very next step should be printing them on food boxes. In this regard, Wabs Print and Packaging will assist you to get the best quality Chinese takeout boxes along with all the customization that you will ask for. 

An Extended Layer of Protection

For protecting the food boxes, it is necessary to cover them with a thin plastic lamination. Wabs Print will surely provide all the Chinese takeout boxes with complete lamination and guaranteed quality products. Lamination protects these takeout boxes from water, heat, sun rays, and wear and tear. 

There are various types of laminations like shiny, matte, traditional silk, spot UV, and aqueous that we are offering. But we will apply the one that you will opt for your customized Chinese takeout boxes. All of them will assist in sustaining the printed content on the box. 

Multiple Applications of Chinese Takeaway Box

These well-designed Chinese takeaway box cannot only be used for delivering or storing food. But these Chinese takeout boxes will work for you for storing utensils, spoons, chopsticks, and paper plates, etc. You can also present your gift in it due to its stylish and eye-catching design. It can be utilized for weddings, favors, and party events. 

Main Benefits of Chinese Takeout Boxes

Not only for foodies but these takeout boxes are incredibly beneficial for food business holders as well, here are the reasons why:

  • Compact and stackable storage that consumes the least space. 
  • Suitable for all kinds of food and meals along with Chinese. 
  • Easy and time-saving assembling
  • Saves other paper consumption as one can directly put food in it
  • Sturdy construction ensures the least wear and tear.
  • Easy to deliver anywhere 

How Wabs Print Manufacture Chinese Takeaway Boxes?

Wabs Print wholeheartedly welcomes all its customers as we are here to present you with the best. We use 100% recyclable cardboard, kraft paper, and paperboard for its manufacturing. We prefer to use these materials for the base as they are sturdy and best for printing purposes. After constructing its shape, we use any of your customized or desired colours for printing. 

We at Wabs print offer you these custom Chinese takeout boxes both with and without handles to conveniently carry both hot and cold items. We are providing you with an innovative idea of cartoon-printed handles that will attract your kids as well. 

For colour combinations, we are incredibly bold and creative as we love to play with colors. We make perfectly embellished and sturdy Chinese takeout boxes that will work great for making your name in the food business.  

Eco-friendly & Recyclable Construction 

Wabs print contributes its part in keeping the environment green and healthy by creating these takeout boxes recyclable and eco-friendly. You can make several flowers, baskets, or anything using your creativity to use the Chinese takeout box. 

Resistant to Atmospheric Changes

These takeaway boxes are resistant to atmospheric changes that make them distinguishable from several other takeout boxes. Food products and essentials need protection against heat, moisture, and dust. Our custom Chinese takeaway box is biodegradable as we cannot play with our customer’s trust and health. All these distinguishing features make them the best choice for serving food in it directly. 

Why Choose Wabs Print and Packaging to buy Chinese Takeaway Boxes?

Wabs print is always willing to promote your business by putting its maximum effort into the construction of a variety of boxes that you can optimize in various ways. It straightforwardly gives your brand a mark in the market and you are known by your name. 

At Wabs print, we make different boxes, and for getting the best custom Chinese takeaway boxes to contact us immediately and get all the customization done on your demand. We not only care for our customers but also care for the environment as we always use biodegradable material for creating these takeout boxes. 

We assure you that you will have a wonderful experience while working with us. Because our hardworking and determined team works for the benefit of our customers. We can customize the printing, colours, and designs according to your choice.

Wabs Print offers you the Chinese takeaway boxes for your favourite takeaway food items. These boxes are totally customized to carry paper cups and other handy utensils such as chopsticks, spoons, paper plates, etc. These unique custom packaging Chinese food takeaway box provide you with an elegant look for gifting purposes. We design our Chinese carry-outs in such a proficient way that preserves the taste and freshness of the food for a long time.

Our Services

Wabs Print & Packaging believes in delivering your boxes always on time. Our production team starts manufacturing and printing your order to provide it to you within the decided time to avoid any issues afterwards. We take time measurements very seriously, it could be an insult for us if the consignment is delivered late to the customer due to any problem from our side. Wabs Print offers you the lowest and market competitive price so that it remains in the affordability range of the customer. And we should be able to do business again with our clients. We believe in doing so the customer’s total cost of the product should remain low so that they can enjoy more savings.

Enlist your all requirements for your custom Chinese takeaway food box and our experienced team of designers will help you to make your business stand out in the competitive market. With the wide range of our multiple designs and new technical printing techniques, we will provide you with the product exactly according to your specifications. Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority and this core value made us the best packaging industry in the competitive business hub. We also deal with your short-run orders with the finest quality. For more information about our packaging supplies, reach us at!

Need Our Help?

For contacting us or for quick assistance you can contact us on our customer care service as we are 24/7 available for all of you. You will get an email from our customer care after we receive your query. Best services are always guaranteed. You can also contact us if you are looking for products other than to buy custom-made Chinese takeaway boxes. 

You can fill the quote form in detail and attach your design as well to get the accurate price for your custom box packaging. Our representative will get back to you with the lowest quote within a business day.

Feel free to contact us, share your plans and then watch your dream packaging in making. You can reach us for placing orders and for getting answers to all of your queries regarding Wabs Print & Packaging and customized Chinese takeaway containers. 

We also deal in all customized Box designs

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