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Greeting & Invitation Cards

Greeting & Invitation Cards of Premium Quality

Greeting &  invitation cards can be a valid alternative to a leaflet or brochure to advertise the different events, concerts, and commercial initiatives of various kinds. Greeting & Invitation Card are also ideal tools for circulating information to the public or sending out invitations.  Such as private events, parties, weddings, and openings.

Whether it is to mark the birth of a baby, and want to wish someone luck in a new job or simply to tell someone how much you care or love greeting & invitation cards are the perfect choice for celebrating life’s special events. Created by our talented artists and designers, our amazing collection of greeting and invitation cards will deliver your message in a unique style.

Invitation cards consider more marketing tools and suitable for conveying amazing creativity. Rather than others: in the graphic design, the layout, and the text of greeting cards. With an original design of your greeting cards, the message of your communication will be stronger.

The excellent quality of the online greeting & invitation card printing is guaranteed by Wabs Print ensuring the best support of your creativity and the effectiveness of your message. They can be used on numerous occasions such as advertising cards, postal and non-postal ones, or Party invitation cards.

The procedure for sending orders is extremely simple. Simply choose the desired format. The orientation of the graphic design (vertical or horizontal), and specify the postcard printing options (same front and back or different, front only).

You can also choose the type of paper. These include matt coated, gloss coated, or deluxe and the weight (up to 350 gsm) for printing your invitation cards. Finally, you can also customize the lamination (glossy/matt/front/back) depending on your needs.

The minimum number of personalized invitations that can be ordered online is 100 pieces. This is ideal for event postcard invitations.

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