polythene packing

Polythene Packaging

There are many packaging options available, but the most popular is polythene packaging. Because it is both low-cost and chemically resistant, polyethene bag is one of the strongest types of plastic. Polyethene, or PE, is made from petroleum polymers. It can withstand any environmental hazards.

1) Enhanced Protection by using Polythene Packaging

Wabs Print & Packaging offers Polyethylene packs that are leakage-proof. This means they will not allow water vapour through them. The plastic can be wrapped around products and sealed with heat. PE is used by electronic companies to protect their electronic components from moisture and tampering.

2) Highly adaptable

Polyethene is versatile and easily customizable. Polyethene is versatile and customizable. It can also be used to advertise the product. Wabs Print & Packaging can offer different thicknesses and clarities, as well as different designer colours to make your product more personal.

3) Extremely lightweight

PE is lightweight and requires very little storage space. PE is lightweight and easy to transport. This reduces the carbon footprint.

4) Economical

High-Density polyethene packaging is an easy-to-process, low-cost, and opaque packaging type that can be used in conjunction with moisture barriers. wabs Print & Packaging offers the best way to purchase polythene for an affordable price.

5) Durable

PE is strong and can withstand external influences. This makes it a good choice to preserve the contents. HDPE is a type PE that is puncture-resistant, tear-resistant and lower in stretching. This material is commonly used in grocery bags, trash bags, and retail packaging bags.

6) Excellent Rigidity

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is derived from Polyethylene, offers superior rigidity to other plastics. It has excellent water resistance properties and a strong protective structure.

7)Superior Flexibility

Another form of PET, Low-Density Polyethylene is typed. It is a highly flexible material that is used in primary products around the world. It is soft, puncture-resistant, heat sealable, and high in clarity.

Most polythene packaging used for packaging products, such as tubing and packaging auto parts and tools is made of LDPE. For packaging knives and nails, thicker poly bags are used.

8) Easily Recyclable

These polythene packaging bags can be recycled easily and take less energy to make than other packaging materials. It also produces 80% less solid waste than paper.

Wabs Print & Packaging can help you find polythene packaging. It is a great place to show your product range and connect with other professionals in the industry.

Why choose Wabs Print & Packaging

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